I'm a celebrity!

Well, maybe not a celebrity, but I was interviewed over at 

Blog Expat :)

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Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

I enjoyed your interview and now I know a bit more about you! I wondered how you ended up over there! My son and his best friend took a trip to New Zealand about 5 years ago. They traveled around for two weeks taking photos, hiking, bungee jumping off the highest bungee bridge (something a Mother always wants to hear about - Not!) and even walking down a city street and meeting up with Bono of the rock group U2. They brought back lots of beautiful photos. It's a lovely place. Interesting information. Looking forward to seeing more.xxx

merinz said...

I read your interview - looks like it was fun to do.

I have been avidly reading the Middle East ones too - having just experienced the expat lifestyle in Bahrain it is interesting to read others opinions.

Diana Studer said...

when my mother went with my father for his return visit to NZ, she asked for half a pound of butter. The man in the shop thought that was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Nice interview! Loved your advice in response to #11. It's a great idea, no matter where one moves, be it to another country or just to a new city or town within one's current country/state.


Marja said...

Great interview You are famous lol
I totally agree with the insulations and the prices and shopping About British english i learned that at school but even that is still very different from NZ english also the dialect is very different In england they say yes here they say yis and fush and chups for fish and chips. lol part of my work is helping people with computer problems as well.
Would love to know more about your group

Richard Lawry said...

I enjoyed the interview. Some friends of mine visited New Zealand a couple of years ago. They thought it was one of the most beautiful places they had ever been, but they did mention the high prices, especially lodging.
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