They are living our dream!

Hubby and I have both been fascinated by the old, abandoned dairy factories that are spread across the Taranaki region. We have photos of most of them that have any parts still standing, with one picture of just a generator part next to a plaque that is all that's left of one factory .

If we were to win the lottery, I wanted to restore a few of them and then give them to the various communities as function venues like weddings and such.

If we wanted to stay in the Taranaki region, I'm sure we might have looked into buying one and living there with some sort of side business at the premises. Alas, we don't want to stay here, but we found a young couple that are living our dream. They bought the old Okato Cheese Factory and have opened an art gallery along with several other services they provide.
They call themselves KM Sculpture and Photography and you can click here for their website. Here are a few photos of their recycle art they have for sale.

Their property has a river on two sides which makes for a wonderfully serene setting for their 'sculpture walk' of larger art pieces. I'm  sure they will do well.

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