Ah, spring!

Spring technically arrived in New Zealand on Sunday. The weather has been leaning toward springtime for a few weeks, so I'm happy that it's 'official' here in the southern hemisphere.

I don't understand the fiddly details of the making of seasons and how they progress through the heavens between the sun and the earth and beyond. I do understand the earth's tilt and the earth's orbit and how they affect our world. But, I have no clue what  makes one day more officious than another. I understand warm, hot, chilly and cold. That I get. It's logical--I feel warm for a week, it shouldn't be winter. Makes perfect sense to me.

But the technicalities of equinoxes (or is is equini? I'll have to look that up later) and all that stuff to determine the time of year--that makes my brain hurt. I suppose it's because there's so many different things that are involved and I need to understand each part to understand the whole concept. I'm all about logic and simplicity. It makes me feel secure.

And, so NZ is earning points with me when it comes to seasons. They We are just plain logical. Four season--each get three months--thus:
  • Spring - September, October, November
  • Summer - December, January, February
  • Autumn - March, April, May
  • Winter - June, July August
Now if I could just find a handle on that metric system....
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