the things I learn

I have learned a lot of things since I've been blogging. Really.

I enjoy posts that have gorgeous photos and then a bit of historical facts to go with them. 

I love it when bloggy readers help me out with identifying flowers. 

And I enjoy  seeing places that I will probably never see for myself unless I win the lottery.

What I never expected was what I learned at the doctor's office yesterday. I went in about my back. Again.

All three times I called the clinic for an appointment about my back, they were backed up with patients because the doctors were out of the office for some reason or other and I had to be squeezed in.

The first one I saw was not my regular MD. He got me started on my way to recovery, but I re-injured myself at the end of the second week and saw my regular doctor the second time for a repeat of meds.

Well, I seemed to almost be well and I thought that time would make it all ok. But it didn't. I seemed to get worse.

So, I made a third appointment. Again, they were all backed up and I was asked if I wanted to see a Locum (which is British for temporary replacement). I wasn't particularly fussy so I agreed.

And, that's when the lessons began. He actually knew my history and connected some dots for me. 

1. I had thyroid problems about 20 years ago and take daily meds for thyroid hormone replacement since. Now, in retrospect, I know my lower legs lost strength because of this problem. For example, if I sat on a seat that was lower than my knees, I could not stand up like everybody else. I had to re-position myself so I could use my arms to hoist myself up. I've never had a doctor tell me this was true, but I know for a fact that my thyroid caused this problem.
And I felt a bit like the Lone Ranger in this knowledge until I saw the Locum. He knew that thyroid problems caused muscle problems! Yay! And so he suggested that maybe that was part of my back problem.

2. He noticed that I am taking Methotrexate for psoriasis. Apparently, my case is quite severe since the dermatologist told me on my last visit that he was worried about me when I first came in. That's something you want to hear. Not. But I digress. Anyhow, the Locum informed me that psoriasis is one of several diseases that can lead to arthritis. Neither my regular MD nor the dermatologist mentioned this possibility. Because of this, the Locum said that if this medication doesn't help we should take xrays of my back.
The prescriptions that he game me are for the same pain and anti-inflammatory that I had before but in different dosages. Even after a day and a half, I feel a lot better. Weird, huh? But, I'll take it!

As Bette Davis said, 'Old age ain't for sissies.'


Betsy said...

I learned something here today. I have had test and told thyroid is o.k. but I have weak legs, some days better than other days. I know at times I have to push myself up by my arms because my legs ache to much. I know my weight is not helping matters but I wonder if there is something my doctor is missing. I will ask.
Love blogging and learning something new.

Amy said...

I'm glad you got some answers. I find it hard to get into the drs, they always seem to be booked up. We need a better system up here.

Unknown said...

Thanks for visiting me this week earlier:)

Have you ever heard about losethebackpain.com? Look it up for info. It helped me tremendously with the right excercises and life style for any back problems (most of them stem from anti-imflammatory problems).
Look up any little detail of Heal-n-Soothe enzyme formula if you need. Take care:)

Anonymous said...

I have had thyroid disease for almost 25 years. My meds do not seem to help as my symptoms never get better. Last year, I saw a nurse practitioner for a second opinion, who told me I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis and needed to be on a gluten-free diet. I'll spare you those details but I'm *trying* to follow an autoimmune paleo diet (automatically gluten free with additional dietary restrictions.) I am doing this on my own. The nurse practitioner's office is too far away for regular visits.

To help lessen your inflammation, you might consider eliminating foods from the nightshade family (they cause inflammation). There is a list on a blog I follow:


I hope you find it informative and useful.

Most of all, I hope you start feeling much better soon!


KL said...

I am sorry to hear about your problems but this was good information. I didn't know that thyroid cause muscle problem. My maternal side -- every woman seems to have those. I will pass this message to them because they also complain of muscle and all sorts of pain problems.

How is the medical insurance in NZ? Is it like the US or like the UK?