It's not just me!

I know it sounds harsh using the word "rude" to describe the acts of others--especially a whole "country" [that's as big as Nebraska]--especially a country that has allowed me to move here, but no country is perfect [as I hear every day from some kiwi how bad America is, blah, blah, blah] I really don't know any other word to use. But, let me tell you what happened yesterday...

We were shopping in New Plymouth and there was a very sweet South African cashier who checked us out.  She immediately noted the accents hubby and I have and she and I got into a quick conversation about kiwis and their attitudes. We agreed that kiwis in general aren't as polite as the folks we were used to in our home countries. 

As we spoke, I noticed that there were many other customers (presumably kiwis) looking and listening, which is a bit rude in itself, but maybe they can realize that having a good time talking to strangers who are waiting on you is fun!
It's not an easy thing to teach two teenagers that some of the culture they have inherited is not acceptable behavior.  We don't bump heads over too many things, but they just don't seem to be able to understand that one must look around before you take off across an aisle at the grocery store or that allowing other people to walk past you is preferable to just scooting into someone's path.

So now I know it's not just me and American values that are different.

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