I am impressed with NZ

Moving from midwest, US, to New Zealand isn't really all that different if you just look down the street. And most of the day-to-day workings of life here aren't all that different from life in Kansas. But, finally, I have found something that really stands out from the American way of life.   

We got an electric bill that had a refund in it! Not just a refund, but a letter explaining that we are not on the most economical plan they offer for our money and a statement that we have automatically been switched to that plan. Never in a million years would that happen in America!

Most of the laws here rely on self-control and common-sense--which I find refreshing, to tell the truth.  I mean, I should be responsible for my actions and shouldn't try to find someone else to blame when I have a lapse of smarts. But, apparently, the electric companies are legally obliged to let consumers know the most economic way to heat and cook.  I am impressed.

However, I have found an inconsistency here that I intend to make noise about, and it is this:

If your car gets caught speeding by a speed camera that has been set up in a car parked along the road (there are too many open spaces and not enough population to create revenue for police to cover a lot of the country here), the owner of the car gets sent a ticket and is expected to pay it.  

Now, I am assuming that the police figure that if it's your car, you should be responsible for it even if it's not you that is driving at the time.  That seems reasonable to me.

However, if I take a video of the idiot "boy racers" cutting doughnuts in front of my house, I have to have the driver's face clearly identified before the law will issue any kind of warrant.  It seems to me that if I'm responsible if someone is speeding in my car--even if it isn't me--I should be responsible if some fool is making little-boy marks on the pavement in my car--even if it isn't me.


Paula said...

Hi I currently live in Kansas and cannot imagine going all the way to New Zealand to live...I enjoyed your blog

betty-NZ said...

Five years ago, I wouldn't have either, but then I figured out that life is too short not to take a risk now and again!