You'd be surprised how much one takes for granted living in a huge, industrious, competitive place like the US.  There are many things that make me stop in my tracks for a moment and realize that I'm not in Kansas any more.
  • Wiper blades for the car have to be cut to size when you get them home
  • You learn to buy on the spot because it might not be available again--ever
  • Ground coffee is not a viable option for homes
  • Those 'imported' items--like cameras and cars--that are sooo expensive are the norm here
  • There are very strict laws on bringing anything organic into the country
  • Windows have net curtains in about 3 different designs in the whole country
  • Political correctness is very optional here
  • Light switches are opposite of US--down is on and up is off.
  • There are few stray animals roaming the streets
  • Ice in cold drinks is non-existent in restaurants
  • No one has ever heard of 'iced tea' here
  • No one has ever heard of 'long island iced tea' here
  • Microwave mac and cheese is just catching on--the step kids had never eaten mac and cheese  before I made some from scratch 
  • All cars have to be inspected yearly or semi-yearly, depending on how old it is
  • Insulation in new houses is only required the last 30 years or so
  • You can tell the dairy farmers had a great year because there are more John Deere's around
  • There is very little trash on any highway or town street
  • Houses have doors in just about every doorway
  • Sun hats are required for kids to play outside at school
  • There are very few brand names I recognize: palmolive, John Deere, uncle bens, raid, nescafe, best foods (owner of hellman's mayo), kellogg's, nestles, act II popcorn
  • Nothing costs a dollar, hence 'the 2 dollar shop'
  • The BBC shows lots of stuff on tv, on local and cable channels
  • Most schools require uniforms
Of course, this list is far from exhaustive, but you get the idea.

Home life and family are not different at all.  Kids still need love and attention, hubby still goes to work, we rent a movie now and again, I enjoy cooking meals that we eat while we discuss important issues at the table, schedules get a bit hectic with after-school activities.

Now, where did Toto get to?


Gombojav Tribe said...

No iced tea?! Scary.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog on Monday. And I can't imagine no iced "SWEET" tea.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a life change you've had. Kudos to you! I'm still trying to figure out why "ground coffee is not an option in homes"???
Welcome to SITS!

betty-NZ said...

thanks for all the comments!

littleeverydaythings: the main reason ground coffee is not an option is mainly because there are no decent tasting ones available--my opinion, of course.

And, besides that, when you are offered a 'cuppa', it's usually tea and all you need is hot water, ergo, using the same criterion for coffee, it's much simpler to have instant coffee on hand!