School ain't what it used to be!

We went shopping for school supplies last week, spending over $120 for two kids to get back to school.  This does not include any text books at all--just stationery for each class.  For my yankee friends and those who haven't been in school for a while, this is what our money converted to:

It sure is different than when I was in school.  Back then, we got a 2- or 3-ring binder, a few packs of loose-leaf paper and a few pencils and we were all set for all our classes!

Nowdays, each class has it's own requirements.  Most of the books are soft covered, but Otterboy needed 2 that are hard covered, too.

On top of that, his list suggested also that they be covered.  So we got rolls of what amounts to contact paper--which is very frustrating to use, but thankfully, he isn't all that fussed about perfection!  

That, too, is different from "covering" books back in the stone age. We covered the text books to keep them in good re-selling order. And it was all done with a few paper bags from the store.  Anybody remember that?!

My how things have changed.


Paula said...

I do remember that? I enjoy reading about your life in NZ

Gombojav Tribe said...

WOW $120 bucks isn't what it used to be, eh?