Black, white and gray

I like things to be black or white.  I don't care for gray and mottled just makes my head spin. Take, for example, the Easter holidays in New Zealand.  Since school is year-round here, Easter simply heralds a two-week break between terms.
Good Friday and the Monday after Easter are official holidays. That should lead one to logically conclude that the two days between are holidays, too--if, for no other reason, but to make it a long holiday in general.
If you think that, you'd better think again.  
Neither day is an official holiday.  Not even the Sunday that the fuss is all about. Nope. Not an official holiday at all.  
'Why?' you may ask yourself (or me if we were in the same room). 'Where, oh where, would I find the solution to this conundrum?' you might continue as you pace about and wring your hands. 
Well, lucky for you, I happen to have the answer to that burning question. It's because neither day is a part of the working week, so it can't be a 'day off' in the real 'Monday through Friday work week'  so there's no need to proclaim it a holiday.
I bet you're thinking to yourself,  "Hmmm.  Interesting.  As strange as it is, that's all there is to it." 
But you'd be wrong.
See, Easter Sunday is not a national holiday, but there is a national retail law that says that stores cannot be open on this day unless that place of business provides a vital service, like gas stations. And, even though the Monday after Easter is an official holiday, shops may open and do business as usual on that day.
So, the kids and M-F workers  get all the days off, workers who are  'rostered (that means anyplace that isn't M-F) off'  get holiday pay and  if you are 'rostered on'  you get mega holiday pay.  Retailers are forced to be closed on a non-holiday but open back up on Easter Monday holiday.
Clear as mud.  Gray, mottled mud.
Any questions?
The good news about New Zealand and holidays is that there is absolutely no advertising on TV on holidays.  It throws the lineups out of whack, but when you find something you're interested in, you only get a few promos and then back to the show! 


Connie said...

i would be soooooo lost! We've been in Cairo for 4+ years now and I still screw up the weekends (Fri-Sat) vs (Sat-Sun) ... How many times have I tried to make a call to the US and been surprised to find businesses closed on Sunday?? You'd think i'd learn? no..! ;D

Bitsa Lit said...

I think my heart skipped a few beats when you said that school was year round. I dont think I could do it...6 months of university is all I can handel..and theres a month break in between them!
Holidays around here arent so confusing. work or no work, school or no school...thats really all we care about, just the break! :)

Louise said...

Wow! That makes SO much sense!

Brenda said...

Thats SO interesting, confusing, but interesting. I love hearing about how other countries do things.