OK, I admit it.  I have trouble thinking 'outside the box'.  I get along in life just fine, as long as I am informed about the world around me. I don't get crazy if I don't know every detail, but ther more info I have, the easier I can understand things.  For example,  if a movie doesn't have a definitive ending, then I am disappointed because I want them to tell me how it ends.  Period. Yes, it's a sad part of my anal-retentive personality.
So, I went to buy a brand-new vacuum cleaner today.  I was totally gobsmacked that the Volta brand of cleaner that I had picked out was made by Electrolux.  It never occured to me that Electrolux made anything more than the excellent brand of vacuum that my mom spent a lot of money on.  The New Zealand site  http://www.electrolux.co.nz/  has a whole heap of things that the company makes. Upon further  investigation, I found this site  http://www.electroluxicon.com/  that said the 'other things'  are just now being offered in America.  
As small as New Zealand is, and with the limits its size imposes, it amazes me that there is a such a commercial difference from America.


Jim said...

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Connie said...

a lot of companys make 'other' brands-you'd be surprised..Tvs,radios,ETC..but most of all foods..alot of dollar store and generic brands are-name brands made at the same time and place-just different labels.My BIL would only eat a certain local brand of bread and we tried to tell him it was made by this company that sold bread under their name but he swore he 'hated' that brand and would never ever eat it,LOL-he was eating it-just with a different bag around it.A SIL on my side was a high -up exec in the plant and told me they made it,LOL...

Jenners said...

You know, I was shocked to find out that Honda makes Acuras and Toyota makes Lexuses. I'm sure probably most people knew that but I didn't. I sometimes think there is really only 3 companies in the world but we don't know it yet!

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