I have a confession...

When the kids are at their mom's....

and Hubby is at work....

I cook American food.

Just for me.

Because they don't 'appreciate' Southern cooking as much as I do.

Remember my excitement over finding Bin Inn? Well, with the pinto beans and the corn meal I got there, I make me a Southern feast of beans and cornbread. I top that with a big ol' fresh, raw onion (don't knock it, I take after my mom!) and, sometimes a side of spinach--which is the closest I can get to collards or mustard greens--and I am in hog heaven. Yum!

Now, I don't want to give you the impression that my new southern-hemisphere family doesn't like my American delacicies. To the contrary, they have been well trained and will eat anything that I serve them. They just don't have that 'relish' for my favorites.

Of course, their do have their favorites that I make for them American style--my meatloaf (if you can believe that!) is one. They adore home-made mac and cheese. And they love fried pork chops.

Pie is one of the few things they actually request me to make--no, not the sweet ones for dessert after dinner pudding. They love meat pies for dinner  tea. I guess the fact that I take the time to put hamburger  mince in a dish and add stuff--especially cheese (got to have cheeeeeeese)-- and bake it makes all the difference in the world to them!

But, alas, no matter how I try, I cannot reproduce the wonderful taste of American food made in the good ol' USA. Since the meat is grown more healthily here, it just doesn't have any real grease when you fry it. It's just water that is left in the pan. And that makes me sad because you know that means no 'real' fried eggs and bacon. But don't get me started on THAT!
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