A new low

This post will probably not be of interest to you and for that I apologize up front. I am simply posting this sad commentary on NZ culture for posterity. And mostly, just to get my frustrations out about it.

I really am a nice person. I try to see the good in people and situations.

I also am anal and very literal. If you tell me something is blue, I expect it to be blue. Period. And, when our Scout Committee was told that everything we do or write has to be sent through the Pompous One (see this post for explanation), I took that literally.

As I told you a while back, Hubby is building a playhouse to be raffled off to raise money for the Scouts. It is sitting in our driveway with only decorations remaining to be added.We are very proud of his work and I know whoever gets it will be pleased.

The Committee has been working on having tickets printed. Pompous One informed us that Uber Pompous One (PO's superior in the Scout food chain, and UPO for short) does printing and will see what she can so for us to help us out. Now, what comes to mind when you hear the words 'raffle tickets'? Isn't it the little stapled booklet where you fill out the stub and you get to keep the torn-off part with your number on it? That's what I think of.

OK. The following are the emails we received.

First one from PO:

"Hi All
email from UPO.
Hi there PO, do you guys wanted in colour. I can do it if its black and white with no cost to you guys, but if you wanted in colour I can do it, but it will cost you guys a colour cartridge for a 1000 copy

let me know

Let me know asap so I can respond.  Thanks PO" 
We, of course, thought it was a waste of money to do color, so at least 2 of us, answering to PO, voted for b & w. She sends us a 'sample' of Hubby's mock-up as three 'tickets' on a sheet of printer paper (It's called 'A4' in NZ). I thought it was weird, but because we didn't plan to be part of the next Committee who would be responsible, Hubby and I didn't comment.

Four days later, we get this email from UPO:
"Hi guys i need urgently for you guys to let me know,where your tickets are in black and white or colour. PO only have one respond apparently. Black and white I can print them either tomorrow or wednesday likely tomorrow if I get the go ahead if its black and white.
Do you get where the anal part kicks in? We told PO what we thought, but UPO, apparently,wanted to hear from all of us. So, silly, enabler that I am, I responded with:

 "I was expecting booklet-size tickets that would be easier to carry."
I swear that is all that I said. I can show you the email if you want.

And, now for the immediate, freaking rude Kiwi of the year response.
"Better tickets comes in booklet,but im not a mind reader to know what you guys after.I was asked if I knew of any one who could print it or suggest to you guys.I knew I could print in black and white without any cost to you guys.I can see,I am going to have an exchange email with an individual committee member and Im not going to have that.You guys should have had this kind of discus before looking for printing firm.I have printed booklets of ticket before for other scout group,I was after colour wise,because the colour of the ticket given was green.I want to make sure that,Im doing the right thing asking for confirmations.
PO sorry you guys have to find someone else to print your raffle ticket.Im too busy for this kind of communication.I have a commercial printer if any of you guys want to come and print it your self.


This is from the 'authority figure' our kids are suppose to look up to, to learn compassion and other adult things. She is speaking to volunteers that give time to the group--apparently, unlike PO and UPO who have Scouting as a hobby because they like the 'power'.  Is it just me that thinks she's being freaking stupid to tick off the person who is technically in possession of said castle? Sheesh!

And now you know why there will be no secretary present at any committee meetings until they appoint another sucker volunteer.

I truly do want to think that Kiwis are really much more courteous and caring than I do now, but it's not easy with unprovoked stuff like this.

There is still the hope that it's just Taranaki folk who give the whole country a bad image. I will keep you posted.


Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

I was a Cub Leader (after being a Kea/Cub Parent first) - and helped into the Scouts later too. I can say that the two worst experiences I have ever had, in fact make that three, were when the "pack" of adults decided that someone had to be a scapegoat and asked people to leave as a leader. I can only look back and shudder at the actual way it was done - horrible. In all three cases, it may in fact have been right to ask them to leave - they were difficult people who all caused issues - but because they were volunteers, it was hard to remove them without causing upset.
I feel faintly sick still thinking about it - but my children enjoyed their time with the group..
You get rotten apples everywhere - you seem to have your share!

Deb said...

too bad we have to deal with so many people like that...it really spoils it for the rest of us who want to be helpful and do the right thing....

Connie said...

There are those who volunteer for the right reasons... and then there's the other kind... :p

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear something you should all be enjoying is so unpleasant! That's not what community is about.

I was never a Scout, but I was in Indian Guides at the YMCA (now Adventure Guides) and I loved it. My dad was chief!

Sandra said...

I hope that helped you to get that off your chest...but NOW, I'm mad!! :)

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi Betty, Sorry about the mess... Communication is so important. Don't know why they didn't receive your original request.... Goodness!!!! Hope you get it all worked out.

I've been gone off and on for a couple of weeks but am home now.

Amy said...

Very strange, so did you tell this person that you had already passed on what you preferred? Sounds like a miscommunication.

NV said...

Yeah. Usually NOT a good idea to tick off VOLUNTEERS. After all, you really can't beat their hourly rate, can you?

I guess this is one of the main reasons I've never been much of a "joiner."

Marja said...

Yep I know ther are indeed some powerfreeks in scouts who don't belong there. I was lucky to be in a group with funloving people. Only on the group camps we came along these figures. Ignore as much as you can

Anonymous said...

If that's how they react over the printing of raffle tickets, fingers crossed they never need to deal with a life or death situation.