Where are the Kiwis?2

I have blogged before about the lack of Kiwi participation in the Scouts movement in our area. It has now come down to 5 English, 1 American and 1 Kiwi  persons that get the job done every week for the kids plus manning the Committee which is essential to have a group.

The committee has been functioning on a fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants premise for two years because we have not had any of the management of the area or Zone tell us what was expected or how to find the 'rules' that we should be following. We have turned in minutes of our meetings to our Zone Leader who has replied that we are doing a fine job, so we figure we are doing ok.

Until the last few meetings, this 'kinda formal' approach has been acceptable to everyone.

Except one.

The lone Kiwi.

That I refer to as the Pompous One (PO).

Who apparently is the group leader appointed for us. Did I mention that the Committee was never informed or this in any way?  To tell the truth, I was wondering why the ($&% she was there.

Apparently, she is the ultimate permission person who was put in this position after she quit being the Kea (6-7 year olds) group leader. And, it's very apparent that this is the only person in the group who thinks she's still dealing with that age group.

It is much more than just apparent that she is one of those people who enjoy having power. because the last few meetings, she has taken giggly delight in smacking us on the proverbial hand and saying, "No, noooo" to things that have been done in the past. According to the PO any emails to the Zone Leader  (her immediate superior) as well as any purchasing for the group are now to be sent through her.

When this nay-saying began, I asked for a copy of the rules that we are breaking since, obviously they are written down somewhere, if she is to be correct in her corrections. The other committee members chimed in with approval of this suggestion, obviously as tired as I am of being treated like unruly schoolkids. That was two months ago.

What we got at the last meeting was a letter from the Zone Leader stating the powers of the PO. Oh, yes, and a smirky apology that she left 'the folder' (the information we wanted) at home.

Now, I will be the first to tell you that I know nothing about Parliamentary Procedure, though I have heard the phrase since childhood. And I try to be a laid-back sort taking things in stride.

But after the minutes were typed up a few days after the meeting, the PO actually emailed us all that some changes needed to be made and she was actually moving 'to accept' some reports and asking for seconds to the motions in cyberspace!! I was gobsmacked! (I love that word!)

I told her that I felt that was unethical and we should do any corrections at the next meeting. She proceeded to argue with me that "Actually, yes we can" (She always starts sentences with 'actually'--you can imagine how annoying that is) and blamed the Chairperson for not doing things right.

**at this point, please, refer back to where I said 
we were never given any guidelines**

Well, let's just say that this squabble lead to the Zone Leader calling a meeting for us all to sort this out! AND, apparently...the day after that, PO "found" a copy of the rules and regs,what we had been asking for all along!

I know a lot of Kiwis that I would have preferred to have on the Committee. How sad that this one turns out to be such a PO.


Juli said...

For the first time in PO's life, she is not being chopped down (for being a tall poppy). Clearly, PO is living her dream. Find some more Kiwis for that Kea group STAT.

If you can't find any more Kiwis, just heap more responsibility on her. She needs more to do.

merinz said...

You are experiencing a fairly typical 'kiwi committee' where there is usually someone that lets the power go to their head!

Anonymous said...

Interesting read, i'm sure there are more kiwis that can join in... but committing is one thing, like in anything, anywhere.

Anonymous said...

interesting post...

totally new info for me..


Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

My elder bro was a King Scout in Borneo. When he went to Christchurch, he was excited about leading a scout group.

He was disappointed, the scounts here were different.