poor patheticat

We had a friend of Missy's come over and feed Bubba outside while we were on holiday. We thought he'd be ok for a week since he spends a lot of time out on the prowl most days, anyway.

But, when we got home, he wasn't around for a few days. I didn't think much of it because when we had left him for a weekend he would give us a cold shoulder for a day or so, but then he came around.

After a week I started to think he wasn't coming back, although the kids were out beating the bushes looking for him. Hubby and I figured that he had found somebody that would feed him and decided to stay there. That's how he ended up 'belonging' to Hubby in the first place--he wandered in the cat flap. So we  resigned ourselves to not having a cat and made plans to look for a kitten after Hubby's parents' visit in April.

So a couple of days ago we decided to visit a neighbor from the 'old' house and catch up on things. Bubba came up in the conversation and we told the 'old' neighbor our thoughts about his disappearance. We hadn't been home 10 minutes when the neighbor called rang and said she heard a sad cat crying and came out and fed it in our old yard garden and it looked like Bubba. Sure enough, it was him!

I guess with a week of a strange dog in his house, then the move shortly after that, he might have though we had moved back to the old house.

Needless to say, I believe he is happy to be home after 3 weeks on his own an losing a bit of weight in the process. And, don't tell anybody I said this or I'll deny it, I think I actually missed the bugger.


chitra said...

I am sure you must be happy to see Bubba back.....

Connie said...

Glad you found him again. He is a pretty cat.

Sandy said...

He is a beautiful cat. So glad you found him. That is so sad that he tought you had gone "home" without him.