Trivia time

This is what the internet says about NZ....

The old Government Building in Wellington is the largest wooden structure in the southern hemisphere.

NZ is the home of the only alpine parrot in the world, the Kea.

It is said, but can’t be proven, that Richard William Pearse took flight almost 2 years before the Wright Brothers.

Tongariro National Park was the first in NZ to be established as a National Park in 1887.

The longest wharf in the southern hemisphere was open in 1929 at Tolaga Bay. It is 1.3km  long.

New Zealand was the first country to have a government department for tourism. In 1901, the Department of Tourists and Health Resorts was established.
About 80% of all NZ flora occurs only nowhere else in the world.

New Zealand has more golf courses, Scottish Pipe bands, boats, cafes , sheep, cows, punk rock bands, Olympic gold medals, bookstores and cars per capita than any other country.

Bungee jumping, milking machines, herd ear tags, blokarting, zorbing, tranquilizer dart gun, propellerless jet boat, hay lift, Zamboni-like machine, water sprinkler, advanced air compressor and air conditioner, child-proof bottles, hairpin with the crinkle on the side, totaliser machine used for racing and sports betting, self-sealing paint lid and velcro were all first invented in NZ—or at least, so they say.

Curio Bay in Southland has one of the world’s largest petrified forests.

The heaviest and only flightless parrot in the world, the Kakapo, resides in NZ.

The pavlova, a meringue dessert, was invented here and named after the ballerina, Anna Pavlova.

Waikoropupu Springs near the town of Nelson, is home to the ‘dancing sand’. The springs hasve the clearest freshwater in the world and discharge 14,000liters per second—enough to fill 40 bathtubs—per second.

The world’s smallest marine dolphin, The Hector’s Dolphin, is only found in NZ waters, as is the Hooker’s sea lion, the world’s rarest sea lion.

Turangawaewae House was built in 1919 in Nguanawahai as the Maori Parliament building, but was never used as such.

Less than 5% of NZ’s population is human.


Marja said...

Hi Bettyl very interesting I didn't know that there were also so many cows here.Oops I thought only sheep
My husband actually lived opposite the inventor of the Hamilton jet
I love the Hector dolphin You can see many of them here in Akaroa

merinz said...

I love the bit that only 5% are human! Thats a bit of a worry.

And Then Kate said...

Every time I read your site I want to book a trip to NZ immediately.

Also, most punk bands, huh? I wholly expect you to be taking advantage of this. Coolness.

Wendy said...

Lord of the Rings is what I associate with N.Z. but I also love most punk bands are from there...Pretty rocking place :)

Kate said...

Excellent line-up. The rarity of our species is a worry, though.

Kate said...

Yes. That 5%. Hmmm... presumably 5% of animal species?

Connie said...

A 1.3km wharf? That gives me the chills! Despite being a strong swimmer... and many summers of fishing from and jumping off of docks and piers (there was one place good for riding bikes off as well ;) !) there is something about docks and such that give me some serious creeps! I'd rather be miles from shore in a rickety boat, than on a long pier that is dark underneath. 1.3km... wow!

FranE said...

The 5% of the population being human is a bit startling. Is the human element on the island really that small?

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi Betty, Interesting facts and thoughts about New Zealand.. I had no idea that less than 5% of the population is human. Wooooooooooooo...

Before my brother and SIL both died, they went to New Zealand on a vacation. Back in those days, they did ALOT of worldwide traveling.. They loved New Zealand more than most anywhere else they went. I'd love to visit there sometime.