The birdhouse

A couple of years back, Missy made a really cool birdhouse in one of her school classes. We couldn't really find a good place for it at our old house, but when we moved here, Hubby sat it up on the privacy screen on the back patio, next to the house. 

I could see it from the front room lounge and it seemed like the perfect place. I watched birds check it out, getting closer and closer and finally dashing inside before hopping back out. I was excited about being so close to the nest and was looking forward to taking pictures of the goings on.

Bubba had brought us some 'gifts' of dead birds on occasion, but I don't think he even knew the birdhouse was there.

Phred, on the other hand, is a different story. When I heard him and his 'ginger' friend tromping across the roof of the house, I didn't think much about it. 

Then I saw this.

So much for watching the birds up close.


chitra said...

Waiting to see the birds? Beautiful capture.

Connie said...

Looks like Phred has the 'watching close' done for you!

merinz said...

Oh darn! He's one jump ahead of you all!

Rathi said...

Hieee... received your email and i am so glad that you could take the time to sit down and write it to me. That is really sweet of you...

i am just so new to your blog.. let me guess....Phred is your cat i believe... and i had to laugh at that picture... so funny... when the words turn into literal things sometimes they bring out the better essence... :-D

Thanks again, and as for disqus, i gets it gets hormonal sometimes... actually most of the times... it gets deflected with different browsers... let's see.. have a great day.. bye... off to work now

C'est moi Claudette said...

How on Earth did you find little me in Canada? I followed the path that lead me here. HELLO BETTY.
This is the cutest story. Now I'm wondering what is in the background? It looks like a beautiful Mountain...obviously in NewZealand... or are my eyes deceiving me?
Hi Phred.... would that be FRED, but spelled way different lol?
Ok enough of that.
Thanks for popping over.
Love Claudie