It's a strange world we live in

The public high school here requires school uniforms. They are, of course, not cheap, but the uniforms (one skirt for Missy and shorts for Otterboy and 2 polo shirts each) that are obtained in year 9 usually last (barring any cataclysmic accidents) through year 11. At that point, the 'seniors' wear a different uniform for year 12 and (optional) year 13.

As a matter of responsibility and following directions, Missy and Otterboy rinse out their shirts and socks every day and, when the weather is nice, hang them on the clothesline. They do this each day without question.

I glanced out the kitchen window on Friday and noticed Missy's shirt on the line  and thought, 'Hmm, I guess Otterboy will do his after he's finished talking to Hubby.' No biggy.

I took the kids out on Saturday and when we came back, just Missy's shirt was hanging on the line. After a questioning look, Otterboy said he had done his clothes and hung them out and Missy chimed in that she had washed her skirt and tights and 'where were they?'

Apparently, shortly after Otterboy had hung his uniform out, someone stole nicked everything off the line except Missy's shirt. I couldn't believe it. Granted, the clothes line isn't inside the fenced area of the yard garden, but it's not exactly close to the street, either.

So, we get the shirt and skirt replaced--$98.00. And the skirt wasn't even hemmed!!

I hope whoever took them really needed them.


Connie said...

That's rude! Well, as you say, hope they really needed them. I sorta wish our kids' school had a uniform. Would be so much easier.

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

Some weirdos steal undies and bras.

Makes me sick.

My son's uniform costs me a bomb. he doesn't want long pants, and I asked if he was cold.

chitra said...

Yes, You are very positive. Some body really needed it.

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

Oh my word! That's horrible!

Juli said...

That's shocking. Grrrr.