For home-sick Americans in NZ

I came across this website (I think it was on another expat blog) that imports real American stuff to NZ. 

It's called Martha's Backyard and, if you email them, they will send you a list of what they have to offer!

If you live in Auckland, you can stop by the shop.

I think I have found a new favorite website!


Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

Thanks, I miss the real donuts I had in America, Perhaps I will pay the store a visit.

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

Yep - I've heard of them from a couple of different people but haven't checked it out yet :-)

merinz said...

I must check them out too - good to see what is available elsewhere!

And to see what we are missing downunder.

Connie said...

What a great find :)