For those of you that have been kind enough to ask, I am safe. Thanks for asking.

The morning quake yesterday, near Seddon, merely woke up Hubby and me. Apparently, there were several quakes during the day.

Then about 5pm I feel the couch vibrating. Then the rocking chair started rocking and the wee wind chime that I had just hung inside the window started to sway.The shaking seemed like a looooong time--I know it was probably just 40 seconds or so, but it seemed so much longer!  And then it was over.  The quake itself is reported to have only lasted for 20 seconds.

Here's a map of the major fault lines in NZ. As you can see, I am not in the path of any, but I have felt a few over the last 7 years. The quake yesterday was the second time the earth couch moved for me :)

Even though Christchurch isn't sitting on top of any major faults, that's where the devastation was done in 2010. Some folks are still battling the insurance company and the government to be in a suitable house once again.

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