new house, interrupted for a bit

We finally got moved and are starting to settle into the new country home. It's rented, but that's what we like--no huge responsibilities if we decide on a change of scenery. I think we both might just enjoy it here for a long while.

In the process, I majorly pulled my back muscles and immediately came to realize that I am not as young as I think I am. :( I went to the doctor and he gave me meds for inflammation and pain and, as of now, about 3 days into the happy pills, I don't think I have much pain. I do, however feel quite achy and I am still moving quite slowly.

I realize that this is a very temporary setback and things will be better soon, so I will stop whining because I know that there are many, many folks who are dealing with more permanent and more devastating things than my little aches and pains.

But, back to the house....There are some great scenes around here that I never saw in town.The farmland is so green with rolling hills and tree-lined ridges. I shall be happy to learn about a native hawk (that is technically called a harrier falcon) that has its territory in the immediate area. My first photo of him can be found on my photoblog. Just click here. There are also some water birds that are new to me that I hope I can shoot along with many birds I hope to lure to my feeders that Hubby put up for me.

There is a train track if the distance that carries products from Hubby's factory. I can hear it and see it from the back porch between the trees.

We have lots of sunlight into the house that we didn't have before. This house is out by itself so there's no other buildings blocking the sun--I'm so stoked about that!

We are working on the garden, too. Missy put my succulents into a corner of the back yard garden this weekend and we have more bulbs to plant when we figure out more about where the sunny spots are.

I can't wait to put our own touches on the place. Of course, I will post photos when I'm a bit better. But I'm still constantly thinking of what to put where. This might take a while!


merinz said...

I had been wondering how you were getting on in your new country house!
It sounds ideal, I think you will love it there, along with all the photo opportunities.
And a sunny house is so cheering for the soul.

Mary said...

How exciting for you! Looking forward to some photos of your new home. Get better.

charlotte's menagerie said...

Best wishes on a speedy recovery. Looks like you will enjoy being very busy

Richard Lawry said...

Hope you are feeling 100% soon.
An Arkies Musings

Marja said...

oh how exciting to live in the country side in a sunny house.
What a joy. Sorry about your ailments Hope it is better soon