Stepping back in time

When we moved to this house, it seems to me that we took a step forward and went back in time. The step forward was getting away from feeling uncomfortable in our own home--no direct sunlight except 2 hours before dusk, yapping little dogs, howling big dogs, music and noises through our thin walls, fences with prying eyes, foot traffic past the house that didn't make sense. For the record, we only moved there because we were put in a huge, immediate financial bind. It was an affordable roof over our heads and I am grateful for that.

The step back in time is a whole 'nother story! The house is probably 60 years old or more, but it's solid. The windows are modern (most of them, anyway) and the sun can actually shine into them all day long.

The only real 'noise' is a train in the distance several times a day, occasional tractors and other farm vehicles, the wind whistling through the hills, cows lowing now and then and birds chirping in the trees and fields. Such wonderful rural bliss!

Being that we don't live within any city limits, our mailing address is 'RD'--rural delivery--which usually brings to mind the old show 'Mayberry RFD' whenever I see it on an envelope. (So now you can think of me when you watch the old shows!) And, for the first time since I've been here, I have to have a night light on for my nighttime potty runs. It's pitch black without it. I love it.

We have a fireplace for heat in the living room lounge which shares a wall with our bedroom so we get the maximum use of it. Hubby taught me how to tend it when I need it during the day--hey, I was brought up outside Chicago, we had central heat--and it certainly saves on the power bill. I'm kinda enjoying keeping it going during the day and watching it at night. I can't imagine having it as the only heat source, but I guess you'd get used to it. Frankly, I think I'd have to sleep beside the fire in winter if that's all the heat there was!

The land agent told us that we can pay for a 'rubbish run' if we need it, but I don't think we will. I'm very happy to have the compost, recycle and trash burn stuff all organized separately. The only other thing to consider is cans that are not aluminum but the farm-share managers take care of that.

As I mentioned before, we (by that I mean Hubby) are getting bulbs planted for some springtime color. I can't wait! It's so nice to be able to work, or even walk, in the yard garden without feeling someone is watching. Sometimes, there are birds watching and an occasional rabbit, but that's ok. I imagine we will spend many a relaxing moment outside and planning for the next season of color!

Hubby and I are both quite content here. It's only 4 km to work for him. I can see us being here until he gets promoted to another part of the country.
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