A giggly idea

I am so enjoying the peace and quiet and very darkness of living away from any urban setting, but after sundown, you can't  see your hand before your face without some light. Well, I heard a bit of scurrying the other day from Hubby and wondered what he was up to. I figured he'd tell me in his own time and, eventually, he led me to the hallway where he had strung up some Christmas twinkle  what are referred to here as 'faery lights' along the hallway!  

Yes, I giggled out loud when I saw them on! He put them on the same wall as the bedroom door so they just sort of glow when we're in bed and the cat decides to come in. 

made with photoscape animated gif maker

I am impressed, once again, at what goes on in that mind of his. Thanks, Hubby!

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