Happy dances all around

As I sit typing and watching to birds at the bird feeder in the front garden, it seems that lots of things are finally getting back to our normal routine now. There is no sign of the wind and rain that took out power lines about 20 minutes away yesterday. The sun is shining and the fireplace is just ticking along nicely as the sun streams through kitchen, living room lounge and study windows--something that couldn't happen at the last house. *happy dance*

My back is a lot better and I just have some dull aches left. But after three weeks, I am happy to be past the ordeal of anti-inflammatories and having to eat something and drink a large glass of water each time I took one. I have never been a breakfast person and I have to say that I resented having to eat when I wasn't really hungry three times a day. And, getting out of bed with a sore, hurting back three or four times a night was no fun either. Grrr. But, thank God that is in the past. *happy dance*

And, some more good news--I have decided to act a little bit more age appropriately from now on--I shall let someone else do the lifting and moving :) If you haven't gotten there yet, your turn will come!

Just yesterday we finally got the landline and internet sorted out. We had internet since the first week. It was slower than we wanted it to be, but I just chalked it up to being so far out in the boonies. We just assumed that the phone was installed as we hadn't given anyone the new number and had no reason to use it. But when, Hubby tried to call the doctor for me, we realized it wasn't connected. So, the next week, the duel began.

It all started out when the rental agent gave us the wrong house number. The property manager's drive cuts off the road just before our driveway, so they are 256 and we are 258. The first phone guy came out and connected us to the neighbor's internet and, when I corrected the house number, they thought it was the manager putting in a second line but they didn't have permission, so they didn't do anything. Duh.

So, I finally talked to Dave at TelstraClear (big shout out to Dave!) who spelled it out slowly for Vodafone (who just bought out TelstraClear) and Chorus (who subcontracts the work for Vodafone). Dave even called me on my cell to walk through Google maps with me to make sure he had the right directions to our house. (I love you, Dave!) The only bad thing about this conversation is that our internet was turned off for the weekend.

TelstraClear texted me that a tech would be out between 12 noon midday and 5pm, so I was watching for him all day yesterday. When I saw bits of a truck sticking out through the high hedge by the road, I went out to the porch and yelled through the rain, 'Are you the phone guy?' (I certainly couldn't let him drive away, could I?!!). He smiled as he walked up the drive and said, 'I just need to clarify your number.' so I explained it all again and voile we are hooked up with much faster internet. *happy dance*

I will post photos over at my photoblog when I get some better shots but Hubby and I have some cool photos including trains and cute birdies--plovers, chaffinches, and hawks, and those are mostly shots out the window! I love this place *happy dance*


Unknown said...

So many happy dances! I am glad you are feeling better, glad the internet is better too. can't wait to see pictures!

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

It's always an ordeal when trying to hook things up when you move, so getting past that would be a happy dance, for sure. I will take a peek at the photo blog to check out your new digs. xo

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

P.S. I am glad you are feeling better! :) xo

charlotte's menagerie said...

Love the phrase happy dances. I always put dancing and happy together. Glad you are feeling better. Getting everything connected is often hectic. My daughter lived in the garage apartment behind me and every time she failed to pay her cable bill or wanted to save money by having hers disconnected, they always cut off mine.

Marja said...

Ah lots of happy dancing. I had a bad back from dancing so be careful.
Great that it all worked out. Vodafone has given me some headaches.
Happy you enjoy your new place. look forward to your photos