Whoda thunk, Mr. Wilson?!

I only remember "Dennis the Menace" as a TV series back in...well, a long time ago, but it looks like the Brits had an infatuation with him long before and long after the American version was done.

I was over at kiwi thoughts on life..... and there was an article that says that Dennis was based on a Kiwi kid! Click here for the article from The Telegraph paper.

Whoda thunk, Mr. Wilson?


Sarah said...

Thank you so much for that link - I'm sat here with my husband saying, 'Do you remember The Beano and Dennis the Menace?'... 'he was based on a Kiwi...' and my husband is like, 'No way!'. Both of us were avid fans, both born in the UK in the seventies. Dennis the Menace was my favourite and most memorable character in The Beano and I can actually recall excitedly getting the comic off the shelf each week (and I really was ever such a nice little girl!).

Marja said...

Yes I read that. I met Heather and read her interesting book

Amelia (Barcodes NZ) said...

Interesting, I had no idea Dennis was even remotely connected to NZ. I vaguely remember watching that program when I was a kid.