some observations

I find it totally cool how I can see the moon almost every night. It comes up over the neighbor's house and before I go to bed--which is rather late most nights--it has passed over the house and is shining on the pond. When it's full, it lights up the whole side garden and peeks through the glass on that side of the house.

I don't ever recall any rules about kids having sunhats before they can play at school in the States. But, then, I guess the pollution takes care of most if the sun's rays getting through. Here, the kids are required to have sunhats at school or they are not allowed to go outside to play.

When toast is involved for breakfast, the family serves it under the eggs. They think I'm weird to have it buttered and on the side.

I never would have thought that things like cheese or wine would have completely different names from one country to the next.

TV here is strange different. With MySky (tivo) we record things on a whim that we wouldn't ordinarily watch. Many times, we find a new program to look forward to.

Mythbusters, AFV and the Simpsons are on a LOT of channels. M/B is good but the Discovery channel started repeating the same program, as they did with Dirty Jobs.

The X-files finished the series and started over a couple months ago.

Dexter finally got to the next series.

Murder, She Wrote just started. Yay!

House is repeats, but I can deal with it since his clever sarcasm is the best part.

I guess it's good that I'm not a hard-core TV fan because I'm sure that some of the American programs that we get are old before they get here. But that's OK. I didn't have any TV (by choice) for about a year before I came to NZ, so I'm obviously not that picky!


FranE said...

Your blog is great! What part of the Midwest. Sunbonnets. That sounds so pioneerish, you should be right at home with that.
Love your comments.

betty-NZ said...

Thanks, hummer! Kansas was the last place I lived before I moved to NZ. It's definitely more culture shock than I anticipated!

Connie said...

I love to gaze at the moon :) It never fails to bring peace.

My kids last school had a 'slap on a hat' policy, but it wasn't mandatory. There is no uniform whatsoever at the new school.

Dexter is an awesome series - totally twisted, but amazing. Unbelievable how the producers made us love him so much. We did not have cable or any tv during our 5yrs in Cairo - yay! - we only have the military network now. We are debating getting cable/satellite simply because the kids are getting old enough to watch news, keep up with current events, etc. I would much rather just wait for series on DVD.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi Betty, Glad you are getting some American TV down there --even if it gets to you late. We love HOUSE--and wouldn't ever miss it.

I'm sure the customs in different countries are hard to get a handle on. I've never even been to another country (except to the Canadian side of Niagara) and when we went on a cruise in the South Caribbean. SO--I think it's interesting to read others' customs.

You ought to do more posts about some of the basic differences... Interesting about the shun-hats...


Ebie said...

Hi Betty, thanks for stopping by!

It that Murder She Wrote by Angela Lansbury? One of my all time favorites! Sunday night at CBS!

betty-NZ said...

Yes, Ebie, you are correct. It is with Angela Lansbury. I think she's great!