Cabin fever car trip

It has rained and rained and rained...at least for 10 days. But, despite the nippy weather and the overcast skies, we ventured out on Saturday to keep from going stir crazy.
We first went to Hollard Gardens, our favorite 'get away' place. I have no idea what the flowers are, but they were a great sight to see.

We left Hollards and travelled south. The clouds were interesting, too, as the almost-winter weather set in.
We ended up at Opunake Beach, another of our favorites.  In the summer, we have fish and chips on the beach here while the kids play among the rocks and dig in the sand.  
Any other time we were here, it was always at high tide, but this time I was pleasantly surprised by low tide and we took advantage of searching among the rocks for treasure.  
I am continually amazed at the patterns left by the tide as it scurries out to sea.
We found lots of limpets (or barnacles) which make the small, round holes in the rocks.
This is a pink algae that we found in the pools between the rocks.
I guess I will always love the ocean and the views and surprises it brings.


Anonymous said...

Such a thrill when you share a trip to the garden center and the ocean. What lovely photographs tonight. Makes me wish I could visit. Hope you have a nice weekend.

Anonymous said...

Your photos are stunning! Love the tide patterns and pink algae - a first for me.

As for that 'touching story' below.. ouch and ha ha ha!!

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

You are so observant. You even noticed thepink algae. I was at a beach too. My husband said, it was either being miserable at home, or got outside and enjoy the beautiful world. we saw fantails very near to us.

Bim said...

That was a fun virtual outing, thank you :)

Bitsa Lit said...

That was beautiful! I love the blue flowers, pink algea and the picture of the waves crashing on the rocks. My favs anyway! It must have been a great road trip!

Girl Tornado said...

I love your photos and can feel myself transported to the beach in New Zealand.. I can feel the crispness in the air, the chill. Sometimes I think the beach is even better in the coolness of impending autumn, or even winter. There is a rapturous stillness and no crowds to be seen. I adore it. :)