Starting new traditions

My second Christmas in New Zealand has come to an end. After so many years of not bothering with the fluff, having children in the house makes all the difference.

Last year we tried something new for the kids since they are in or near the teen years--we had a 'Christmas treasure hunt'. It starts when they woke up to find a basket in their room with a note with the number of gifts to look for, along with silly antlers or hats for the occasion. Then many small gifts were hidden in the house, each child having their gifts in their own wrapping paper to hunt for. It's a big hit and, I guess it's now a tradition for a while--until they get too old for it to be fun.

Considering the fact that Christmas is in the summer here, it's still a bit odd to me, but I must say I do like going to the beach on Christmas Day to have a picnic and not having to roast in the kitchen along with the roast!

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Rose said...

It would seem strange to have Christmas in summer, but i can sure see grilling out being more fun that cooking and cooking for days with endless dishes to do.