Rude kiwis...again!

Actually, it's not 'again', it's 'still'! And I don't actually think all Kiwis intend to appear rude. I tell myself that it's just cultural differences that are difficult to get used to. Let me explain...

I go grocery shopping every other week, usually late morning and it's not crowded. But it never ceases to amaze me how New Zealanders are NOT at all like Americans when they interact with strangers. [ See my 07 February 2008 post] I couldn't count the amount of employees that had carts on both sides of the aisle and were STANDING in the middle opening talking! The lady in front of me was trying (but not really succeeding) to be patient, but I just said, rather loudly, "Good grief!" to get their attention so they would get out of our way! The only employee that bothered to ask if she was in my way was working in the cleaning products aisle. I told her, "No, you're not in my way, but thanks for asking. You're the first one to bother today!" I wish I had gotten her name. Oh, well.

So, with the employees blocking the aisles and the customers stopping wherever they get distracted by a shiny object, it's a real nuisance to shop here. There are no 'Sorry I'm in your way' smiles or 'just being friendly' smiles, except for the occasional elderly shoppers. [My theory is that they're probably not real Kiwis anyway.] And there's still no polite prattle as your items are checked out.

Also, being a pedestrian is a challenge here. Even if you're crossing at a designated crosswalk, it's a good idea to make sure the cars stop before you start into the street. It's amazing how drivers give no mind to pedestrians. Personally, my philosophy is that they probably don't want my blood on their bumper and probably don't want the paperwork, so I do take a bold chance occasionally or, at least, it looks like it.

For the record, there are kiwis who are nice and have manners. Even though some were drunk as skunks, the hubby's coworkers were really nice and polite when we all went out for dinner a few weeks ago... ok, a couple didn't pay their restaurant bill and had to be chased about to get it done, but that wasn't really a matter of manners...but I digress....

**EDIT** This post was written in 2008. Now, in 2012, I still get comments on it. If you feel the need to prove my post correct and leave a rude comment to tell me I'm not wanted here (like some before you), don't bother because I won't publish it. It's my blog and my opinions.


Anonymous said...

New Zealand is a very rude countries, they do not like people who are from overseas and not born in New Zealand. I live in New Zealand at the moment.

I am from the EU I hate New Zealand, I hate living in New Zealand and I do not like New Zealanders (most of them).

I cannot wait to go back to home to the EU where I belong and where I will get treated well as I am a Citizen of the EU.

All of my friends are back in the EU, Canada and other better countries then New Zealand.

My parents made the worst decision of their life to come to a backwards, rude country which is New Zealand. I am still angry with them to this day, I will never forgive them for taking me away from my home, my school, my friends, my culture.

New Zealand is starting to have a poor reputation abroad.

New Zealand is too expensive, everything's about tax and increasing costs but the wages stay low and will stay low because New Zealand is small, backwards and boring.

I have been in New Zealand for 2 years and I hate it.

Ratbert said...

I lived in Chicago, IL for the last 2 years and Harrisburg PA for the 2 years before that and am not sure if Kiwi's are ruder than Americans or just less fake... at least Kiwis don't have to greet everybody we deal with as if they are long lost friends and supermarket checkout operators aren't trained to pry into our lives like they care what we might have planned for the day etc... And I think, to be fair, most service people in the USA are overly polite for a reason, just see how polite they are when you don't tip them!!

As for pedestrian safety, try crossing at the intersection of Grand, Milwaukee and Halsted in Chicago (which I had to do twice a day for 2 years) and see how many cars, buses, bikes and trucks ignore your presence on the "crosswalk", green light or not!! In Harrisburg most of the streets around our house had no sidewalks anyway so as a pedestrian you were fair game to all motorists there!!

Liz said...

That's sad you've encountered that situation. I'm a Kiwi and I love my country. And yes there are people out there who don't think, and sometimes are indeed downright rude. My kids school had a wonderful teacher from South Africa for the year. Everyone thought he was great. He's gone to take up a new position as a school further down country. I'm originally from Auckland City, grea up in the suburbs then moved north and well here I am.We have a great community. The people here are just themselves. Quite a melting pot of cultures at that and we're all friends. I hope you have at least got to meet some great people. And hey I'm pleased you chose to make NZ your home.

Merry Christmas to you and your family


Nick said...

As a New Zealander, I think your blog entry pretty much falls under the category of "sensationalism".

Reading your "About Me" section, I'm was excited to see that you had spent time in New Plymouth; my hometown. Although I no longer live there, I love visiting family and friends who still do.

I don't believe that New Zealand is a rude place or full of particularly rude people. I'm 26 and I say hello to everyone I walk past on the street, be it a smile or "hello" and from my experience most kiwis do.

I'm disappointed that this has ended up being your impression of us (as well as the commenter from the EU).

I think Kiwi's for the most part (ignoring the teenagers maybe - teenagers are a different breed where ever you go) are extremely self aware and due to to our ingrained sense of not wanting to offend anyone, we can often give the wrong impression.

In saying that, you'll always get rude people where ever you go - I have encountered many on my travels... but I wouldn't define a nation of many, by the social ineptitude of the few.

Enjoy New Plymouth, it's a beautiful place!

Take care.

Gerald (SK14) said...

I have to say that when we were in NZ I can only really recall one instance where someone was downright specifically rude - Of course we were tourists passing through which may have made a difference. For the most part people were genuinely friendly and not sparmingly so (in the hope of a tip) as they tended to be when we went to California. But rude folk blocking aisles in supermarkets - you get them everywhere.

Asterix said...

I'm a Kiwi and I live in Australia and I've noticed a HUGE difference between Kiwis and Aussies since I've left NZ. Aussies are way more friendly and they don't block the aisles in the supermarket. And If they do, they apologise.

I worked in retail here, and I could always tell the Kiwis that came in. Never smiled, hardly spoke except to say what they wanted (yeah I knew they were Kiwis because of their accent, their Maori tattoo (even the white ones have them here), or their greenstone the size of a small car hanging around their neck.

If I did manage to start up a conversation with them it was always about how the meat is so much better in NZ, the fruit is crap in Australia or something about the fantastic scenery in NZ.

When I lived in NZ, my view out the window wasn't snow covered peaks with beautiful bush like you see in the travel magazines. It was just a typical urban concrete jungle. Yeah the beach was 10 minutes drive away (the fantastic lifestyle everyone talks about), but it was usually so dam cold down there, I didn't get out of the car. I don't think I've been in the sea in NZ since I was about 6yrs old.

Unknown said...

New Zealand is a backwards country filled to the brim with uneducated New Zealanders.

The country is rotten, its systems are rotten and its justice is an international joke.

The NZ police murdered a man in Christchurch and they hid it under their carpet. Like they do everything else.

The place floats on Right Wing religous sects. It is only a shame that Christchurch was not completely destroyed by eathquake...

Unknown said...

New Zealand is a horrible country.

anonymous said...

I am shocked by the police in new Zealand they are so rude. I can't believe how they are allowed to treat people. I don't want to be a new zealander anymore.

Anonymous said...

i live in new zealand since i was born (18 years). I completely agree with u. i hate it here. i hate living where i get pushed around and bullied. i smile/apologise when i'm in someones way coz i know how it feels. i also get bullied and told to kill myself and the police/adults dont do anything about it. theres a tv ad here that says 'our way of life' its not our way of life to live like everyone else. The price of everything is going up. Salmon is $25 for a kg, milks going up (even though we have heaps of cows, not just talking about the animal)healthy food is dearer than unhealthy food and they ask why NZ is one of the fattest countries in the world. The pay is low and there were thousands of families getting food parcels on christmas eve. i cant even get a job. i have to do "volunteer work" so i can work at a supermarket. i hate it and they think i'm mental.

Anonymous said...

Nzers can be really mean to immigrants especially to Indians and Asians.But I find they especially hate Australians even when they are living in Australia.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha.... Yes, It's the dour scots influence at play. I have a few fantastic kiwi friends, but to generalize they outweigh the majority. By and large Aussies are more outgoing and warm, but if you have kiwi as a true friend, he or she will stay your friend for life.

raewyn said...

Lucky you to live in Australia, I too agree there is a clear difference between Kiwis and Aussies. New Zealand has deteriorated as far as friendliness and compassion. Not saying all kiwis are rude but so many seem to have problems in their own lives and cannot tolerate any kind of frankness, very easily agrivated and little sense of humour. Really sad and I only hope to leave this country again one day.

Lester said...

I'm a New Zealander who lived in the UK for around 5 years, and have now returned. I find New Zealanders on the whole to be aggressive, rude and unintelligent. The country has a deep seated problem with violence, and an ultra macho culture which puts ignorant tradesmen in utility vehicles on a pedestal. The people are generally self centered like children, and have little interest in things outside of these windy isles.

I'm embarrassed to be from this culture, and am sad that my family all live here. If they weren't here, I would leave tomorrow.

There can be a good lifestyle balance if you want to go for long walks or visit the forest. The problem isn't the beautiful land, it's the culture that inhabits it.

Anonymous said...

I visited new zealand and I did not like the attitude of the locals. They are very rude and most of them look down on foreigners. They don't value Indians. I think it would be a hard time for Indians to live there.

Unknown said...

I have been in this country for about 2 decades, but the longer I stay here, the more I hate it from the bottom of my heart – they are so Arrogant, Proud, Evil and Perverse. They do not have any respect whatsoever for other countries – especially any Asian countries. The other day, when I was listening to radio, the radio talk-back show host said “Damn Chinese!" I really think that this country 100% deserves to go to “Hell” literally.

American patriot said...

I have been here a year and a half. I have hated every minute and cried everyday. I miss my America so much. So many folk here are rude and emotionless, if you are not a kiwi, forget it, they could care less about how you feel. Prices are sky high, food taste weird, and I do not like the medical system.

I was very unwise in marrying a kiwi, he came to meet me in America and I moved back with him sight unseen. I should NEVER have done that. I am so miserable, so alone, no one cares, I HATE IT!!!!!

American patriot said...

I wanted to add that I have been sick since being here and NO ONE CARES. They tell the husband that they support him, but NEVER have a nice word for me. I told one last year that my dear daddy had been dead a year, all she said was to " buck up" how hateful. This place is the staph infected boil on the buttocks of the world.

I would leave now if I could. I can NOT stand it here.

American patriot said...

I am so sorry they treat you badly. Consider the source, they are trash.

Anonymous said...

I lived for 4 years in New Zealand and could not wait to leave.
I had the misfortune to work at a University in a very senior position and
all I can say is that it was a hideous experience.
Lack of communication,bullying , amateurism on all fronts and a surprisingly aggressive behaviour in many areas. The story of the laid back Kiwis is a fantasy tale. Rude and pretty badly educated people are the majority, that was my experience.
The ever so beautiful countryside:
I don’t think it compares with Tuscany , Central France or the Norwegian fjords ,not at all.
Particularly as whenever you approach one of their shitty little towns or hamlets with their lousy architecture ,the most abysmal in the Western world, then your dream is spoilt.
I’d rather go to Tuscany now, eat some proper food and enjoy the atmosphere of cities that have a culture and a history and a landscape that matches NZ any given time.

American patriot said...

Yeah, it may be pretty, but when you are so miserable, you sure do not see it.

I agree, so many are rude here, I was crossing the street yesterday, well, this one car was coming right at me and did not stop, I had to stop for it, I was so ticked.

Also, the homes here do NOT have heat, they use firplaces and they are in the living room, the rest of the house you freeze your tail off. This morning, it was 50 degrees inside, I was shivering and so was my dog, I had to put her sweater on, I forced the husband to start the fireplace, he did so, but thought it silly as he was not cold. Well,dang it, I am and I will NOT stand for this. Why can't this damn place get with the program and put heat in homes, it is NOT normal.

I am hoping to go back home in a few months, I tell you, if I do, I will not look back, this place is a living nightmare.

betty-NZ said...

@American Patriot-If you would like to talk, please email me anytime at tenfootheart at gmail dot com.

Unknown said...

I moved to NZ from Malaysia when I was 3 and I've lived in Auckland for the past 26 years. Kiwis can be really arrogant, judgemental, rude, self-entitled and quick to criticise even at the expense of sounding uneducated.
After reading most of these comments I feel really bad for all the nasty experiences everyone has had, I want to apologise on behalf of New Zealanders who are good, polite, courteous and do care.

I have had many years of people bullying/discriminating me because of my skin colour and yelling from their cars telling me to go home and I'm done with it.
On my way to work last week I walked past a group of homeless guys drinking and rapping about their distaste for Asians and Indians "taking over" their country. Their country....what are they doing with their lives that is so much better than two races of human beings? I wish I had the balls to stop and say something.

If any of you guys want to keep in contact to maybe just vent or for moral support, I would love to keep in touch.

Unknown said...
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squidly01 said...


Interesting that NZ is rated as the friendliest country in the world according toa survey reported in FORBES magazine

Unknown said...

That is far from true. From my experience of living several different countries including NZ for about 2 decades, this is the most "unfriendly country". I spent 3 years in the Philippines as well, and I can confidently say to you that they are FAR more friendly than kiwis, who are so arrogant, prejudiced, prideful, and often perverse (and immoral) and they do not know even the basic of customer service - impolite and impatient way of talking to customers, which is a reflection of their culture. They also always try to hide whatever negative about themselves, seldom apologize and often look down on anyone or any countries far more civilized than NZ - so called "Tall Poppy Syndrome". If you go to the following website, you will see at least a tip of "iceberg" of the problem, injustice and their cunning way of hiding their negativity from the general public:

Rhineway said...

I have lived in New Zealand my entire life and I have met people who do come off as rude, prejudice, fake and uneducated but I have to argue that many New Zealanders are not like this, it just depends where your looking.

Unknown said...

One of the big problems in NZ is that there is no justice whatsoever for those who have been discriminated against in terms of race or ethnicity due to their pride and arrogance. For example, I made formal complaints many times to Broadcast Standard Authority over bad discriminative words that came out of the radio talk-back hosts such as "Dirty Germans", "Damn Chinese" and "Terrible Chinese People", however, they NEVER uphold any of the complaints, saying that "it is lighthearted (What a lie! If it is true, why it was said in such an angry manner?!), it is a sarcasm that reflects respect (What a poor excuse! If it is true, how come he said "We're sending it to China - don't you realize how BAD that is? Those terrible Chinese people." ) and those words such as "Terrible" or "Damn" are permissible even in public broadcasting (Praise God that my country is not as immoral and corrupt as this country where this kind of language is totally unacceptable to use to describe any people or nation in a public broadcast no matter what!) At the end of the day, they are kiwis and they never uphold this kind of complaint especially from a foreigner due to their pride. Anyway, soon or later, God will judge this nation.

Unknown said...

I totally agree same with me Australia has better people- I'm undergoing ozzieification

Unknown said...

HEY!!! Where did Lorde come from?!! NEW ZEALAND!! So give some respect.

Angey said...

I'm a kiwi.. the best thing I ever did was leave this country, and the worst thing is that I came back.. but only because of having family around.
When I drive down and see the views of Auckland harbour with the islands and blue sea, I do like it here.
So many of us have no money and to get anywhere its driving for ages being stopped by un-synchronized traffic lights.
Now I want to move back overseas, I can't.. because we just never earn enough especially when we have children, and that makes it also hard to leave.. during the weekends the teenage boys get so bored, we bought a dog and he's great fun but still I struggle to pay for them all because my income is so slow, and already our little company is going down, so I'm trying to get a full time stable job, and it's hard here. I go to interviews and get asked hugely personal questions, it's unbelievable. I hope I get one soon so I can at least save and take me and my boys to Aussie for a holiday :)

Anonymous said...

I know this is an old comment, but I want to reply because I just can't possibly agree more. I'm in a similar situation, a kiwi who has been living in the UK for two years, and have exactly the same feelings about a beautiful country full of opportunity being soured by the macho culture which inhabits it. It's very anti-feminine and anti-'weakling', and I always feel like a lesser person in most parts of the country for being scrawny and geeky. By comparison, I feel perfectly accepted in the UK.

I have to go back in a few months and have such mixed feelings. I love the country, it's the only home I really have.. but I simply can't stand the culture. In my whole 19 years living there, I've only met one person who is truly on the same page as me and who I'd consider a friend. And she's a Brit!

For those of you struggling with the people but cannot leave, I would recommend looking at moving to Wellington City or as close as you can to it. The only part of the country I've felt any sense of acceptance and belonging.

Chaplin said...

Very sorry to hear about everyones bad experiences in New Zealand. I came here just before xmas and stayed with family.

After setting out on my own to travel, I am largely in agreement with other posts. I intended to stay till at least end of March to travel and see this supposedly beautiful place.Everyone I know back in the UK that came here could not find enough superlatives to describe the country.

I am now considering the getting next flight to Aussie and see what thats like - it just seems a shame as I came all this way. I feel the country is well branded / marketed but its all a bit of a 'con job'.

For those of you that feel stuck here, I wish you all the best and hope things turn around for you.

I hate New Zealand. said...

I am absolutely disgusted about this uncivilized and evil country New Zealand so I have been praying to God that He will give me a chance to escape from here and to go back to my country for good. I have so many horrible experiences about this country. The most recent one is this:
I used to teach my native language to a Caucasian kiwi policeman as a private tutor. He asked me to lend him a book useful to practice the language, and I lent it to him about a year ago. However, he does not return it to me even though I reminded him by email and he sent me confirmation that he would return it to me the following week by courier. He also did not keep his word that he would contact me to resume the lesson soon after he comes back from holiday, which is quite normal to kiwis. This kiwi policeman is also a typical uncivilized treacherous looking kiwi guy with "heaps" of tattoos all over his body and he looks more like a gangster rather than a police. In my country where police are considered as role model of the society, this kind of thing is totally "outrageous"! You cannot get even a job if you have a visible tattoo in my country unless it is a gang related job as it looks threatening and uncivilized. On the other hand, New Zealand is so evil and immoral that they have so many crimes, too many family break-ups, domestic violence, etc. Anyway, I reported this matter to the NZ police, but they have not done anything about it...so pathetic. What can I do to get my book back from this evil kiwi policeman in this evil country where even the police is so unreliable and pathetic?!

American patriot said...

I have posted here before, but, will gladly again. I hate this dang country more every day. I the little community where I live, I have no friends, they are complete jerks and rude. They say that I insult them because I still miss my country, (America) and call it home, well, to heck with them, I will continue to say it. They are horrid. I have tried to find a job, not one in the damn village will interview me, again, because I am not a Kiwi. I no longer go to church, I am a Christian, but I will not tolerate the way they treat me, I know for a fact they talk behind my back. I am miserable. My husband, who is a Kiwi, now even sees how miserable I am and is will to move back to the states with me, he says it is cruel to keep me here. We had a doctor that I loved here, he was from America, well, he up and moved as his wife was miserable here as well, no one treated her nicely either and she cried all the time, he said it was not worth the effort to stay, so, they returned to the states.

I can not begin to convey my feelings of hate for it here, I know it is wrong, but that is how I feel. I can't wait until we leave, which will be no later than July or May. When I take off, I will cry for joy.

Good ridens to bad rubbish, you are the Staph infected boil on the buttocks of the world.

Angey said...

I read this, and my old comment back in November 2014, when I was trying to find a full time stable job.. unfortunately I still am, and sometimes feel like just giving up. The new neighbours are from Aussie and really friendly and lovely but their daughter is unhappy and waiting until she's 18 to return to Aussie. My friends that have left for Aussie say they will never come back to live here.
I want to go to Aussie too, and take my boys at least for a holiday BUT i still can't find a job.
As for us not saying much, we don't mean it in any bad way, we're just a bit like the "English decent" where we don't show to much emotion, and we don't say to much in case of prying like asking lots of questions, or aren't good at it socially. I was in England, because we socialized all the time and got used to it. Back in NZ we hardly socialize, so the social skills diminish. I'm unsure that the authorities like us to go out and socialize, the petrols expensive, and alcohol limit has reduced and dare you drive over the speed limit, get a massive fine. We used to have a free country, but now we are really controlled to the point it feels like a thumb print on your head. I think the idea in NZ is to stay put and eat carrots.. as for my teenage sons.. what to do? Go for a walk in the park.. they're teenagers, I got them a dog, so they do take him and at least he makes them laugh :)
But I am a bit unhappy here and try to keep my head up, but it's hard because it's so darn dull and I get so bored. I can't even meet at a restaurant now and have a glass of wine, it's ridiculous.

Angey said...

The problem is, our wages are so low,our company is going down so now I'm working one day per week and can't get a full time job.. been trying ages.. (I put this comment on a post since LA has been compared to house prices in Auckland but thought I'd add it here too for others stuck in nz) we can't even save to move out of NZ because lets face it, it's not like you have a life here, you just exist and now we are even heavily dictated too, once NZ you felt free, now if you're 5km or even less you can get fined, the alcohol has reduced where we are scared to have a glass of wine if meeting friends, so we just don't go out! unless its the movies... we just can't get out and enjoy life ..unless you have money, then you can have a yacht, horse and ski and then yes, life in NZ is tremendous.. the problem is many of us don't and have had enough.. we don't see a future for our kids here because we can see the chances of success in NZ are minimal. Auckland for most of us is the place to live, we've grown up here and the thing we love about it is the sea, west coast for surfing, east coast for boating and sailing around the islands.. the sad reality is most of us just work to pay basic costs and even then struggle, so here having a life is just existing and I'd love to be able to fly somewhere else to live, because the last ten years I feel like I've done and achieved absolutely nothing, it's just same thing, different day. Whereas my trip to LA years ago was brilliant fun, what a place!!

Unknown said...

Oh guys, I understand you all SO well!!! I've been living in NZ for around 9 years now.. I came here for my husband.. Well anyway, about rude kiwis... Its all depends what you call "rude" I guess.. A lot of kiwis arguing that they "smile to people, greet them" etc.. Well its true - kiwis ARE smiling, saying hello and explaining you how to get to the place you are looking for..but that is pretty much where it stops!! Its bloody hard to make friends with them - even if you intend to!! Nearly all my friends are foreigners - from my country, from Europe, from Asia, India, Brazil....and its great and pretty much enough, but I have, unfortunately, to communicate with kiwis at work, through different customer service stuff and its NOT positive experience! Oh, CUSTOMER SERVICE in NZ!!!!!! They never deliver outstanding one!! I myself have always been working in this department and its shocking for me how people here don't get the basic rules of pleasing the customer!! Its hard to talk with kiwis about anything because of their poor general knowledge of history, literature, arts.. They are not excited about A-NY-THING, unless its rugby, or drinking! If you are good looking girl and like to dress up the other girls will get jealous (unless they are cute)- the whole body-language tells you that; if you try to flirt with the married guy - just acknowledge him as attractive man no intention to go closer , he will look puzzled and chances will avoid you later! ha-ha!! The guys are brutes, they have NO class, NO style and NO inner culture.. And they boooooring! Unless they're drunk -as usual! About Australians or Americans - you can always tell the difference since they are so much more friendly, open, happy and chatty the kiwis! Great deal of New Zealanders are very narrow-minded, unless they were living overseas for a while - it makes huge difference! For 6 years I haven't been out of New Zealand because I had babies, and to travel from here costs SO much! Its taking into account that my husband makes good money - the money here runs through your fingers, just about everything is expensive! The affordable things posses bad quality.. Well its enough complaining for me! Thanks God there are a lot of cultures here in Auckland and some kiwis travel and learn!! Good luck to everyone!!

Unknown said...

Yes and NO , it all depends on who you know, Remember New Zealand is an island with most people having and island mentality. I live here for ten years now and so far enjoyed the people but I live in the rural districts must be diffrent from the city folk. I'm moving to OZ because of low income and expensive everything ! seems Zealand even hates motorcycles and diesels by taxing it to extinction. Island Mentality wit all state assets owned by overseas corporates. Cheers mates.

I hate New Zealand. said...

To me, as a typical poor resident in this poor country, the low wage and expensive commodities and "horrible" customer service in this country - it is not even "service", I would say - has been also a big problem. In my country, broadband internet would not cost even NZ$20 a month whereas in NZ it is ridiculously expensive. On top of that, in my country, there is no such a thing as "capped" data allowance whereas in this stingy (or greedy?) country even the capped one is so expensive! The main reason for such a huge difference is that in my country we have thousands of Internet Service Providers that you can choose from whereas in this tiny poor country virtually there is no competition, which is why the price stays the same or goes up (but never goes down) like what some of the major ISPs here have done recently. On top of that, in my country, we put the optical fibre internet (Ultra Fast Internet) in place nationwide more than a decade ago, but in this backward country, it is still far from widely available even in Auckland, yet they call Auckland "super city", which is quite laughable actually, because to me, this is such a "super backward TOWN". The low wage, low tech, low morality, low level of education, yet high pride, so boastful and arrogant...as you can hear and see from NZ mass medias and local kiwis around almost on a daily basis... Honestly, the longer I stay here, the more longing to go back to my country literally for "good". I don't know if I even have a chance, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Mr said...

English guy here, been in NZ for 7 years because I have a child here.....I despise the place and I despise Kiwis. And it will NEVER get any better. Get out of this shit hole as soon as you can. Kiwis are apathetic, indifferent, backward inbred pond life who need to be wiped from the face of the earth.

Its a horrible, futile place to live. It bleeds you dry financially and the housing is piss poor. The driving is horrific and the scenery just doesn't cut it 'bro'.

I despise Kiwis. I hate their accent and I hate their insular little minds.

disgusted said...

..full of vile people.

Dani JS. said...

There is an extreme Anti-Australia sentiment that runs in NZ. I don't know whether it's an inferiority complex or little brother syndrome. Once I was there everything "Aussie" or Australian related was put down or seen in a negative light.

This so called "rivalry" is also very one-sided in relation to sport. I know many Aussies that would back the Kiwis in any sport where Australia isn't playing, yet they would go out of their way to cheer for anyone but Australia. They also spout nonsense like "If another nationality has a go at us or the Aussies we are always quick to defend each other". That may be true for the Aussies, but from what I've experienced the Kiwis would almost always join in the Aussie-bashing. It really should be their national sport.

I'm sorry NZ, I came with an open mind and it was the biggest mistake of my life. I do not recommend fellow Aussies to cross the ditch.

I hate New Zealand. said...

Acronyms to stand for NZ:

JAFA: "Just Another F_c_i_g Aucklander"

JARK: "Just Another Rude Kiwi"

From my experience as well, those acronyms are "spot on".

Unknown said...

I'm from the UK and I'm sort of caught in the middle with this one.
Kiwis certainly are not very aware of others around them and that is very frustrating, especially when you're in a hurry. It can come across as rude but I just think they're so laid back they don't even notice.
As for the zebra crossings, unbelievable! Especially workmen in white vans. I've come close to losing my life several times.
I have to say, I disagree with your 'polite checkout pratter' comment. This is almost uniquely American and most cultures find the so-called polite 'pratter' fake and even slightly embarrassing. Asking what you've been doing that day of a stranger would almost be considered indecent in the UK!
If I can make one observation of a typical kiwi, it is their reluctance to apply a theory to anything. I've worked with a lot of them now and they have an attitude of 'we'll try it this way and if it doesn't work we'll try it that way'. It is a most inefficient system.
They're also far too relaxed about work matters to the point of unprofessionality. Wages aren't paid on time and are often wrong, they don't call when they say they will, they stand you up and then make a purile excuse for it later, etc.
That being said, I find them really friendly and very polite in conversation. They almost always thank the bus driver.
Try visiting Norway. New Zealand will appear the zenith of manners and sophistication in comparison.

I hate New Zealand. said...

Try visiting Philippines. New Zealand will appear the living hell of full of ill manners and disrespect in comparison. And my heart goes out to a Filipino lady who was murdered by the evil Kiwi lately.

Angey said...

Yeah, I hate NZ too I'm a kiwi but it's freezing and our standard of living has diminished to third world status.. as for all kiwi's being awful though not true. My father sponsored a child from the Philippines, and others around the world. He took a sick Asian girl to the Doctors.. Most kiwi's are alright it's just our country has gone from a great place to live and enjoy to an overpriced place where people are unable to have decent wages in stable jobs. It all changed with Roger-nomics when it became competitive and people began undercutting each other. England joined Europe and stopped receiving our exports etc. Milk used to be subsidized by the govt. now our food is highly taxed. I guess a lot of us aren't all that happy and many want to head to Aussie or better, to make NZ a great place to live again but at the moment I can't see it. :/

I hate New Zealand. said...

It was not a great place in the first place as this country is founded by the killing of indigenous people, culture and land - the Maoris were killed and went to the point of near "extinction" due to the wars & illnesses brought by the early settlers, they had been prohibited to speak their own language at school (or else, they would get whipped), and the 95% of the native forests have been chopped and burned to turn them into the dairy farms.
I had been sponsoring a typical poor Kiwi child, but I stopped sponsoring (him? or her?) because they do not send me any information or even photo of the child because of the "privacy" thing according to them, which seems to be quite unfair as they give you the photo and other information of a child if he or she is not from this country but when it comes to the kids of their own they do not reveal the photo and information important to the sponsors. Also they stopped sending me a reply to my email enquiry when I revealed my true identity - my real name, which does not sound like "something" at all. And when I switched my real name back to my fake name, they started to email me back.
Honestly, I am fed up with this kind of pride and discriminative attitude that they have.

Angey said...

The Maori's actually got rid of the Mori-Ori's who were here first. Their maybe a very few who are left, and there were the Maori wars where killing was going on all sides. The Maori tribes had always fought each other. The whole world has had tribes of people come and take power since as far back as we know, eg. the Roman Empire and through this brought good and bad. I have heard the French were here also and wanted us English descendants else the French would have taken power and then who knows, maybe this would be a nuclear testing site.Now tribes or other ethnic/races/religions are again taking over countries, through the power of money. There are always the powerful and greedy, and then the rest of us no matter where we are from who just want a decent lifestyle and that's why many past and present migrated here. NZ was a good place for a family to live back in the 60's and 70's even the earlier 80's but since the 1987 sharemarket crash the place has deteriorated. Now we are small enough to be easily controlled for example a house will cost $55,000 to build (a very basic house on our section) to make affordable living for the young ones. BUT our lovely council will charge 20 to 30k in permits making it impossible for the young ones to build their little house hence they remain stuck in inadequate housing.
As for sponsering a child in NZ we shouldn't have too. The benefit was there to cover people in need but since it became intergenerational where people expected to have huge families with their hands out for benefits to live on rather than to use while they looked for work, and their kids then thought it was 'normal' to live on a benefit and meanwhile people taking home far less on low incomes, things got tighter so now both people on benefits and low incomes have inadequate money to live properly.
I personally think something is very wrong with so much land and a climate where growing food and raising farm animals is so easy we ought to all be eating well and living well enough anyway.
We would be best to get rid of the council and have private companies paid by the govt. to have things run well and with integrity and common sense than the money wasted on councils and their expensive permits. And the same with many govt. agencies. Our govt. has new curved screens and hair straighteners meanwhile private small businesses in NZ are struggling like fk. and still using DOS systems on big old monitors because of cost.
Those that really need the help will probably not put their hands out or not get it such as the disabled children. Takapuna school for example had a learning support centre for children with disabilities but it was closed due to lack of funding, but meanwhile the govt. can afford curved monitors.
Yes there is huge discrimination and much is made of racism, but really people with disabilities have a really hard time, so people of ethnic races should just buck up and stop complaining, if they meet people with disabilities they will realize their problems are so minor by comparison.

Angey said...

BTW the Maori elders wanted their kids not to speak Maori in schools so as to learn the English Language properly. Diseases traveled with people unintentionally such as the plague in Europe. The Maori's have benefited from our hospitals etc. for example the Islanders want to come and live here because of modern medicines in hospitals. I think they need us to fly over and perform cataract operations. I'm unsure they can even be treated for cancer in the Islands. The Maori's in some ways have benefited from the English settlers and as I mentioned if France had taken over then the likely hood of being a nuclear testing site might have happened instead. The Maori's were fine until we poured in and took over, much like today with massive people movement. We are having a lot of Indians and Asians move to NZ now and in Australia the children are learning Manderin as mandatory, so are the private schools here in NZ because they can see to keep up the kids need it in a competitive world.

I hate New Zealand. said...

Yesterday, I was doing exercise and running near the top of the hill in the sports field. Then all of a sudden, an ugly looking dog appeared, running around and trying to jump on and attack me. The owner of the dog was just about 30 meters away so I called out to him for help and asked him to put a leash on him. However, this typical JARK (Just Another Rude Kiwi) guy said to me, "Fuck off!". So I asked him to put a leash on him again as the dog was persistently running around, trying to attack and intimidating me. However, he just said to me again so rudely "Fuck off!". Then I said to him that I feel very scared, but again he said "Fuck off!" even more loudly and aggressively, and then he rushed to approach and attack me. So I hurriedly ran away from the top of the hill.
It was NOT the off-leash dog exercise area in the park, and all park and foreshore areas not specifically identified as a prohibited or off-leash area are supposed be "under control on-leash areas".
In fact, this horrible incident that I had in this primitive country reminds me of another similar incident that I experienced recently in another park where I was actually physically attacked by several dogs and the owner of the dog cursed and shouted at me - "Fuck off!" when I asked him to put a leash on them.
In my country, this kind of thing would be totally outrageous as it is prohibited by law to keep a dog off leashed in a public place no matter what for the safety of people around and people are definitely FAR more polite, with the "common sense" to deeply apologize to anyone inconvenienced or harmed by your action or negligence whereas in this evil poor uncivilized country most people just do not care and dogs seem to be far more important than the safety of people around.
Actually, they should put a notice in the park to warn the dog owners to keep their dogs on the leash all the time in these "normal" on-leash areas as I have seen too many irresponsible people in this country with absolutely no respect to the regulation and even to the victims of their own negligence and selfishness as mentioned above so that they may at least know that it is illegal to keep their dog off-leashed in those on-leash areas.
Anyway, I cannot put up with this kind of nonsense in this backward foreign country any more, so I have decided to carry a "knife" with me whenever I go to at least those parks for exercise so that I can protect myself from those dangerous dogs and evil Kiwi dog owners; in this backward dangerous country with full of crimes and evil people, as long as I stay here, I have to be proactive and defend myself as too many people here are so selfish, inconsiderate, aggressive and RUDE, indeed!

Mr said...

@ I hate New Zealand:

Thats sounds like typical Kiwi behaviour mate. You should have kicked his dog in the face and then floored the wanker.

He was probably a 'tradey'. They are definitely an ignorant bunch of tools with a sense of self importance and macho attitude.

Then again, he was most likely your average Kiwi, an ignorant piece of shit with no clue about anything.

Angey said...

You might be able to carry a spray bottle and spray the dog with water .. If you carry a knife you could get into trouble for carrying an offensive weapon. A bit of spray will send most dogs off.. Most dogs won't hurt you they just want to play although my mother got attacked by a dog and wound up in hospital. She said had it been a kid there may have been a fatality.

Sycamre said...

I have been selling plants at weekend markets in the Tauranga area for 18 years. Over the past couple of years there are more people walking their dogs through the markets than ever before. I am sick of idiot dog owners who seem to think I should be thrilled when their mutt lifts its leg on my plants and table legs. They will even patiently hold the lead and wait for the dog to finish. One stupid b***h this morning claimed her dog was trained to lift its leg and not urinate so we were wrong to accuse it of peeing on out table leg. WE WERE NOT WRONG. We were very polite and explained the problems we have and after viewing our selection of plants she said in a snarly voice "I'm so glad I walked down here so you could get that off your chest". Arrogant cow! I should have told her a few truths about herself, but in this country people care more about their hounds than anyone else's rights. Kiwis are rude and I am going to be rude right back!

Unknown said...

Okay I'm a kiwi and I'm proud of my country all of you can say what you want but I know kiwis better than you. Oh by the way you wonder why we don't like foreigners? They treat us like shit online! You think we're rude think about what your saying mate! If you think that we have no reason to hate foreigners think again!! All of you have said horrible things about people you don't even know! Would you like it if we starting insulting your home? You people make me sick! Oh and Being rude is who we are and 60% of new zealanders originated from aussie! So screw all of you cuz you don't know us!

Unknown said...

Another thing if you don't like it here just leave! New Zealanders are used to the cold and what do you expect from a country this close to friggin Antarctica? By the way the comment about the dog Is soo stupid. You don't like the dog you walk away if the dog follows you ignore it, the owner will call it soon enough. BTW being called a JAFA or JARK really doesn't bother us. It honestly makes us laugh! If you have complaints message me I'll be happy to respond otherwise back off!! Ta and Bye!

I hate New Zealand. said...

No worries, mate.
I will be leaving this uncivilized country for good.
Actually, some of my friends from my country have already left here for good as they got so sick of all the rude and irresponsible people as well as uncivilized things going on in this country on a daily basis.

Dani JS. said...

Guinevere, you're a prime example of what everyone here is talking about. Kiwis also love to pretend that NZ doesn't have any problems and then point fingers at other countries saying they are worse. Such small minded people. Australia, Britain and the US are always held as the primary scapegoats to every problem you Kiwis have.

Unknown said...

Thank God, I finished my degree and got out of there.
During my stay in NZ for 4 years, I have been thrown a used condom for no reason, cursed on the street for being an asian and thrown some empty cans while driving. When I came to NZ, I stayed a homestay where the kiwi hostress treated me terribly. I felt like she accept homestays only for squeezing the $280 bucks per week we pay as she could. I was allowed to take a shower for 5 mins maximum a day, otherwise, she would knock the door like a crazy person. so vivid that it was like living in a military base or a prison. And she wrote a list of things that I could not do for 2 pages during the first week. Really left me a good impression of kiwis.

And the time I got injured from falling down from a bike, no one absolutely offered any help for me when they walked by. I saw a dude just walked by with his cold eyes. So I called my friend to take me to the hospital to emergency as I had broken my bones and could not move my rests. And the male nurse kept me waiting for 8 hours in an emergency room because I did not look that bad and even recommend me go for a clinic instead. Just an unbelievably fantastic medical system.

I met some nice people as well, normally they are either Maori or Islanders. I don't know why but they really polite. So to be fair, There are many nice people as well...

Unknown said...

I am from the United Kingdom but have lived in New Zealand since I was 14 on and off. You can't let some of the behavior that has been mentioned ruin your impression of the country. Every country contains a portion of the population that is ignorant and seemingly backward in their views, just take what they say and do with a pinch of salt, or better still just ignore the idiots.

A smaller population means less competition for companies and therefore a higher cost of living but it also means less crowded streets and fresher air, there is always a positive to every negative. Housing is pretty awful though, fortunately the government is pressed through a bill making it mandatory to have insulation by 2020 which is a start. Just need to wrap up warm and think carefully about where you live.

New Zealanders have been and are the most welcoming people I have ever met. They're always willing to get stuck in and help you out if you're in trouble.

Angey said...

I'm a kiwi, and find it pretty shocking that no one helped you when you fell off your bike and broke your bones.. sorry to hear that..
I used to catch a bus to high school and nasty bitches bullied me and left me in tears each day until one day, an Island woman stood up to them all for me. I've never forgotten it!

I hate New Zealand. said...

10 Abominations in NZ

- Things that I have been really shocked to see in New Zealand

First, I have been shocked to see a number of shabby second-hand cars that no one in my country would purchase as well as young people who beg for small coins out on the street by washing the windscreens, which signifies the poverty in this country.

Second, I have been shocked to see a number of teachers who teach with wrong spelling, wrong answers and wrong knowledge, and never or seldom give homework to their students, as well as high school kids who cannot work out a simple addition without a calculator, which signifies the low quality of education in this country.

Third, I have been shocked to see a number of obese people who look totally qualified to become Sumo wrestlers – men and women & the young and old, which signifies the unhealthy diet & life-style in this country.

Fourth, I have been shocked to see a number of people with tattoos on them – men and women, the young and old, even the policemen and teachers, which symbolises the immorality in this country.

Fifth, I have been shocked to see a number of people walking outside with a dog left unleashed even on a street in this country where I got attached by a dog on several occasions and the owners cursed and yelled at me “Fuck off” when I asked them to put a leash on him, which is inconsideration and rudeness that this country is notorious for.

Sixth, I have been shocked to see a number of people who do not apologize for their own fault or negligence causing inconvenience to others even in customer service, which signifies the lack of manner and respect to others in this country.

Seventh, I have been shocked to see a number of expired food, half-rotten fish and fruits sold in Chinese shops, by which I got food poisoned, and nobody cares or reports to the authorities, which signifies the irresponsible attitude in this country.

Eighth, I have been shocked to see a number of people who do not keep their word and do not care about inconvenience caused to others by being unfaithful to their word, which signifies the untrustworthiness in this country.

Ninth, I have been shocked to often see people sitting and drinking alcohol unashamedly in public outside a pub on the side of the street even in the middle of the day, which signifies the shameful drinking culture in this country.

Tenth, finally and most shockingly, I have been shocked to see so many people whose marriage has ended in divorce or separation in this country where now people who divorce or separate outnumber those who marry each year, as well as a number of disruptive or totally demotivated kids at school who cannot focus on their studies due to their dysfunctional family problems or hunger in poverty, which signifies something totally wrong with this country.

This is a part of the speech that I have recently made in this country.

HOPEFULLY and I sincerely pray that it is going to be the last one before I leave New Zealand for good.

Unknown said...

I find it fascinating – there are an increasing number of anti-NZ blogs or websites online at the moment, outlining Kiwis rudeness and opinions about immigrants. I have lived here my whole life, and sure, there are the occasional rude people, but I have never encountered these problems to that extreme. I am genuinely interested – am I just living and travelling in sheltered parts of NZ, or am I completely and utterly bling to the country around me?
btw I am still proud to be a Kiwi – I think we have a beautiful country :-D

AU NZ cut the arrangements said...

I dated a Maori girl in Australia for a long time and my experience of New Zealanders is not a good one, people often get a little confused by my looks and even Aussies mistake me for being a foreign even though i was born in Australia so this Maori/Kiwi family often forgot that im Australian, the amount of Snide, rude and disrespectful things they said about Aussie was astonishing (Inferiority Complex maybe) mainly its about Aussies but no racial group or nationality was off limits they had nothing but contempt hate for Asians and south Asians not to mention their attitude toward people of African decent was akin to what id expect to hear from a KKK sermon, no sense of humor and the amount of chest thumping macho i had to deal with from the maori/kiwi blokes was ridiculous, im pretty ripped up and the NZ blokes tend to be that chunky bouncer type fat muscle so at every turn they wanted to act all hard and tough asking for arm wrestling every 5 mins it got very tiring as i found it pathetic, in the end i ran for the hills and i very much advocate closing the free movement arrangement Australia has with NZ because if they hate us so much then they should not be given special treatment by Australia

ZAlgra said...

While i would love to defend NZ by saying our culture is constantly diluted with immigrants who do, keep to themselves, only mix with their own race. Fact is the quality of life in New Zealand is incredibly low. Our police forces is a walking army ready to shoot and kill people, steal your car and extort you for money, drugs and sex. Please keep your opinions to yourself because we all have our own problems and don't want to hear about yours. Signs, lights and rules well you need to take initiative otherwise you will be stuck here forever. Kiwi innovation and progress has been stamped out by foreign intervention and our own government would rather sell land/assets then invest in our own growth. The first settlers here were literally eaten by the indigenous population. So no this is not the place to live for the faint hearted but hopefully bringing this to light we can change for the better. P.s. is rather appalling people can do simple maths without calculators, but that's what happens with 1/4 of children don't have school lunches.

Paradiselost said...

I empathize with everyone here I'm a Kiwi who lived overseas for some years and was so appalled by how much it had changed when I returned. A sense of oppression hit me the moment I stepped off the plane and it hasn't left.

There's so many things that I can't stand about this country but the worst is the people and their attitude. The apathy. The sloppiness. The laziness which they like to term "busyness" The lack of care and concern. The lack of dependability and reliability. The lack of class. A country of village idiots, dressed in black and obsessed with Rugby, like nothing else exists. The lack of art and culture, and politeness and self-esteem, turning up for weddings and funerals in shorts and flops.

The Tall Poppy Syndrome. Terrified of having class in case they are seen as snobby.
Fortunately, I am always mistaken for a foreigner, by both immigrants and Kiwi's, even though I was born here and even my parents. So I take that as a compliment now and can't wait to leave this pathetic place that we once called Paradise.

It's a shame because it wouldn't take a lot to change it. It needs to start with the people first and foremost, to take pride in their appearance for once, have ambition, take an interest in something outside the box, read a book, care for your fellowman and show kindness, compassion and friendliness, the things that Kiwi's were once so well known for.

Anon said...

So I married a kiwi!!! Devoid of responsibility, chilled out to the point of being irresponsible, arrogant, ignorant, obsessed with sport, boring; met his family, selfish self obsessed, ignorant, make zero effort, an exclusive unit AVOID AVOID AVOID!!! Spent six months in NZ, people don't talk to you as you walk along the river in Hamilton, they look down on you; VERY unhelpful unsympathetic shop assistants! New Zealanders think they are so important and so darn wonderful, do NOT get involved! I have never felt so alone as when I live in NZ. Beautiful country, horrible people. The small population makes them think they are so important and so special. You're bloody ants! Just like the rest of us!!!

Matevossean said...

Indeed, it's a sad place to be, and backwardness is there.

Annie said...

Wow! I wonder why people commenting stay here if you hate us and our country so much?? Quite ironic that people are being so rude and nasty while accusing kiwis of being rude! People that have experienced racism here I am so sorry that is awful, I would like to think most of us aren't like that. But some of the other complaints are ridiculous! We are more reserved than Americans that's just a cultural thing. Other complaints like our accents (really?) and people having tattoos or enjoying rugby, how are those things offensive? We have beautiful scenery and wildlife and I like our laid back culture. I think we're pretty friendly. Also pretty multi cultural these days - which I think is great! Peace to you all, I have done a little travelling and am looking forward to seeing more amazing places around the world. I will make sure I approach your countries with an open mind and definitely won't insult them while I'm there!

Unknown said...

I am totally surprised by the comments on here. I feel as if you all have just run into the worst luck.
First off I will just mention how our Police force is one of the least armed in the world and voted the least corrupt.
I do agree New Zealand as a country is deteriorating. Much like the world is, If you want to pull this morbid view. I don't know of anyone mean to immigrants. It's actually more exciting when foreigners come here! I would rather meet another foreigner than a local :). We have a huge class of cultures kind of swirling around and finding their groove. I think 99% are accepting and friendly. I wonder if you feel safe in New Zealand though? I certainly do !

Unknown said...

It’s a HORRID place. I cannot wait to get my degree and get OUT OF HERE!.... I have my heart set on living in America (& if I cannot make it a possibility I don’t know what I would do, I will probably kill myself in all seriousness; there’s only so much SHIT you can take from people) - Going over to the States I noticed the difference immediately, I noticed the friendliness, the culture, the delicious food, how inexpensive it was in comparison.... The list goes on. How you can change lanes in your car and NOT have the fingers pulled at you, or some arrogant woman in her mom van shaking her head if you dare to look in your rear view mirror after having changed lanes. People here will purposely speed up and match your speed so you cannot change lanes (this is never something I have noticed in the States). People here are just immensely rude! and have a fucking superiority complex that is through the roof... & GOD FORBID if you talk to a stranger you will be looked at as though you need psychiatric care. Having travelled the world I realise how much we miss out on in NZ! there’s people who have so much pride for this country, but to me I am ashamed, I am ashamed to say I am from New Zealand. Get me out of here, America PLEASE accept me.

Unknown said...

It’s a HORRID place. I cannot wait to get my degree and get OUT OF HERE!.... I have my heart set on living in America (& if I cannot make it a possibility I don’t know what I would do, I will probably kill myself in all seriousness; there’s only so much SHIT you can take from people) - Going over to the States I noticed the difference immediately, I noticed the friendliness, the culture, the delicious food, how inexpensive it was in comparison.... The list goes on. How you can change lanes in your car and NOT have the fingers pulled at you, or some arrogant woman in her mom van shaking her head if you dare to look in your rear view mirror after having changed lanes. People here will purposely speed up and match your speed so you cannot change lanes (this is never something I have noticed in the States). People here are just immensely rude! and have a fucking superiority complex that is through the roof... & GOD FORBID if you talk to a stranger you will be looked at as though you need psychiatric care. Having travelled the world I realise how much we miss out on in NZ! there’s people who have so much pride for this country, but to me I am ashamed, I am ashamed to say I am from New Zealand. Get me out of here, America PLEASE accept me.

Angey said...

Yeah I wish I'd never come back after I left for my OE
And we kind of get stuck here far away on crap money with boring workmates who are devoid of a sense of humour. I got into martialed arts n here and has improved my circles, still boring though also body surfing at muriwai was lovely the other day. Good and bad in all places, try to find the good, get a building thing male jobs pay and plenty of work, then with money comes choices and freedom.s

Unknown said...

The white kiwis are the rot inside this beautiful apple. After taking a big bite my mouth is watering. I'm about to be sick at the thought I brought my family here to live.

NJR said...

I think the majority of people in New Zealand are great, but there are some people here that absolutely ruin the whole lot. For example, I was at the top of the mount in tauranga taking pictures early in the morning, minding my own business, then some middle aged maori woman in a running outfit steps in front of me and calls ME rude and starts swearing at ME. WTF? The drivers here are particularly bad as well. Lots of backwards thinking here. I have heard many kiwis say something along the lines of "slow drivers cause head on collisions" and blaming slow drivers for other drivers getting speeding tickets.

Jay said...

Working with kiwis is a real pain. Workplace politics in NZ is extremely cut throat. Kiwis in the workplace will stab you in the back over nothing just to gain a little edge over you. It's an NZ trait that is toxic and needs to change, but probably wont because kiwis hate change.

Customer service in new zealand in general is either lacking or non existent. When someone at a company says "I'll call you back", what that really means is, "I don't know, I don't care, and I'm never going to call you back." Employees are generally rude or negligent when it comes to customers most of the time.

New Zealand hasn't put their best foot forward when it comes to employee happiness and customer service, that's for certain.

NZ is extremely racist. How many other countries in the 21st century actually have "race based" political parties? What an absolute joke. Get with the program, New Zealand. It's not the pre-historic times anymore.

JamieEP said...

I am not too sure why I gave up an hour on my day off to read these comments. I stumbled across this page in a Google search and with a morbid curiosity proceeded to read the responses from people of their feelings about New Zealand.
Personal experiences always leave a with a bias review on anything. The fact is nowhere you travel to will ever be like home. Every place will always have different customs and cultures and with a change of perspective you can find negative and positive experiences in every country you go to. I have lived and travelled in many different countries. Some I have loved and some I have had trouble in. When I moved to Brazil I spent the first few months hating it. Hating how everyone treated me, their naive attitudes and I lamented their lack of intelligence. It was after a period of soul searching I realised that the problem was me. People are different, each country has its own unique lot of issues and successes and without realising the full impact of the combination of both you will end up believing that it is better or worse when in reality it is just different.
It is hurtful to read the generalisations that are being made about New Zealanders. Some of them are nothing short of vitriolic and are downright racist. From personal experience I wouldn't say we are any more insular than any other nationality. We have passions, intelligence, humour, curiosity and so forth. The issues as I see it is that these concepts are largely defined and influenced by our cultural identity. Just as any body else will find the same of themselves. Recognising and celebrating difference helps us move forward as a multicultural world. Hanging onto negative experiences and labelling an entire country as rude or stupid because of a limited range of experiences only further perpetuates a sense of racial inequality and dischord.

Anonymous said...

Get me outta here

Lenny Li said...

I lived in New Zealand between 1990-1997. I hold a NZ passport and had genuine desire to settle down in NZ and be a part of Kiwi. However, I can only say that some people there are awful and the other ones appear friendly. I had a sudden deafness and doctors prescribed me steroids which rendered me having pimples all over my face and body. I have short stature (159cm). When I went to high school, the boys kept bullying and teased me. eg, they may draw a pizza face and asked me if thats me in the picture. when I was quietly doing my own study and practise math in my chair at a corner of classroom, without provoking anything a blonde guy would use marker pen to write on my neck, then smear my jumper with chalk to provoke me. Those that approach me that appear to be friendly are just having agenda wanting to sell me something. Then I graduated from university, and I must say that LUCK is very important in New Zealand. If you're lucky, you run into nice people. If you're not, you run into bullies. I have lecturers who back me with good grades, and lecturers who trash talk you behind your back to prevent you from succeeding. At work, again you can run into normal decent people. They can easily organise a touch rugby game which is fun. However the really nasty type of people exists. The nasty ones would rob away your work credit and bad mouth you. Very creepy, selfish. There is no way you can befriend or please them. The other people may not step in and help you. If you're in trouble, nobody seem to want to help but they make just work with you ONLY if you pay them money. Lawyers, counsellors, personal trainers etc. They just give you face time if you have a ton of money for them. As a money spending tourist, they give you the nice face. However if you want strong good relationship, you really need luck. The people at banks dont provide courteous reliable service 100% of time. You may run into jerks who dont want to let you open a savings account abusing their official position, or when you're withdrawing money, instead of transferring your money to you according to instructions, they may play dumb and give you wrong forms and issue you a cheque titled the staff name and wanting you to sign. Local young gay males dont like Asians. Only old lonely men want Asians. And I cannot have faith with police or court judges. Again, there are good and bad people. I have had case where I witness crime and reported to police. The good police will jump in and help. The bad police uses all sorts of excuse to fob you away. Yes - the workplace has very underhanded dirty politics. And whether at school or work, there are people who steal things. They can steal your calculator, or your food (even if you place them inside a drawer). At the gym people steal your shoes if you dont lock them inside a locker. When I went back in 2015, my neighbour friend told me that people got used to having Asians around, so it sounds like things improved a little. My experience with Irish and Dutch people is good. Hong Kong people are used to live and work alongside with white people without friction or discrimination. However, for New Zealand Caucasians, they may be a closed group and cant be bothered to care about the Asians. I tried to befriend some neighbours without luck. I think the people that left NZ saved themselves a lot of grief of ill treatment. Having the experience and with the help of Internet, we have a more truthful and balanced view of NZ. It does look like their government just try to paint a clean countryside picture to attract people to goto NZ. However, to me every country has its countryside. The most off putting factor is with the people who live there. You get bad experience with the people. If you have money, spending money there as tourist can be a positive experience. That is just fake. If you dont have money and work there to live life, thats a totally different ball game. You may expect difficulty finding proper paid job, and the bullying is just dreadful.

Angey said...

Bullying happens everywhere, it's awful.. I think you sum it up, us Kiwi's some are nice and some not.. the thing with Asian's and Immigrants is this: The Volume of them. Most of us Kiwi's enjoy having different people around, but lately have feel overtaken, and the sheer volumes. Also Asian women want our men, and like the war years when American Soldiers attracted NZ women, NZ men naturally didn't like it. I've even seen in the personal columns Asian women wanting NZ men, and inviting them to their parties. I don't know how Asian men feel about that, but Asian women can't expect us to like it. We like our men, and if they'd rather be with Asian women instead of us, then we don't like them generally and know their kids won't be anything like their fathers. Having said that, if my sons marry Asian's I won't be pleased but am more interested in their happiness. As I say, it's not the Asian's or other races personally, it's really the share volumes. And it's not their fault, fault lies with us not voting to change immigration, and also us whites not having enough kids to increase the white races, so we have more equal volumes of people/races. I guess it's like lions and tigers, they are both gorgeous animals, but they don't like their territory taken, and don't inbreed to breed themselves out. Maori are a good example, they bred with us and bred the pure Maori out. They were quite happy when us White's came,but this changed because of the share volumes of us coming in.. I hope this gets posted, because it might not be PC, but it is truthful. As for racism, no one has problems really because of their skin colour or race compared with those with real difficulties like those with disabilities. Next time a person feels hard done by because of race, consider if your work mates, if any of them have special needs, probably none of them. Consider if they get bullied or invited to your or your friends parties? Hey, when Obama's wife cried over racism, it disgusted me because I thought how pathetic, what about people with disabilities? They don't even get the chance to emigrate to other countries because they might not have enough points, even though their character is probably in most cases much nicer than all of the so called normal people, regardless of their race.
I don't buy Anzac Poppies because the RSA stopped having them produced by the workers with special needs, they wanted them cheaply made instead and got them made overseas.

Rhineway said...

I have lived in New Zealand my entire life and can say that i have experienced that this country offers. After reading through these comments I've found myself both agreeing and disagreeing with the points made.
Firstly, New Zealand is actually a very cultural country this is shown in the many festivals and culture based celebrations we have. And although racism is still a serious ordeal it is not tolerated by New Zealanders. I am proud to call myself Maori and find it extremely disrespectful when people judge me due to how some people of my race act, their actions are their own not due to their race. Lastly, some of the situations people come into are extremely unfortunate but i highly doubt that every single New Zealander out there has acted in the way they have been dramatically described.

Jay said...

Unfortunately I have to agree with what was said about the drivers here. Some of the loveliest people in person, but they turn into monsters out on the road. So impatient. They'll start beeping their horn at you if you sit at a traffic light for one second too long. And they wonder why they have so many traffic accidents. Kiwis collectively point out how bad foreign drivers are (especially the asian ones), but its the kiwis that are to blame 99% of the time! When it comes to parking - WOW! People are so disrespectful of personal property in New Zealand. You can't own a nice car here and keep it nice. I had someone take a key/screwdriver to my brand new car while it was parked (i'll never know exactly what they used, but the damage is done). I parked away from all the cars to keep from getting dings, so instead of getting dinged, i get vandalized. I get that can happen anywhere, but when you combine that with when you park normally among other cars and not away by yourself - your car doors get dinged by other people getting out of their cars. Rude. You can park far away from everyone else, then some tosser in an old beater will still go out of their way to park beside you and ding your car. With how bad some of the dings are, it's got to be on purpose. That can happen anywhere too, but the frequency that it happens, it is not feasible that it could be accidental. Disdain, hate, and jealousy is a more likely cause. I've been around the world and I've never seen anything quite like this.

Brian Richard Allen said...

Annie said: .... We are more reserved than Americans that's just a cultural thing ....

That's what New Zealanders like to feel (few if any "think") -- but it's actually a duplicity "thing." It's a hiding everything real behind a mask of duplicity "thing." Whereas when you look at an average American, what you see is whomever he is. Americans don't mind you seeing wh and what they are.

I'm sad to say (all these years I've believed and have achieved as if I'm quite clever -- and blessed with talent) that, having fifty-odd-years-ago escaped from what I then already judged to be a Godless sh'ole irreverably spiraling into tyranny, I recently returned on a Mission to help some folk through a tough-ish time and - although I've flown in and out numbers of times during the decades since I escaped - nothing prepared me for the appalling state into which New Zealand has in the intervening years, degenerated.

The very worst of the criticisms enumerated in this blog do not begin to do justice to the third-world state of affairs insofar as Godless, soul-less, passion-less, ill-tempered, ill-mannered, bullying, brutish and boorish quality of life is concerned.

And no-one has even touched upon the terrifyingly totalitarian nature of an insidiously-authoritarian bureaucracy whose interlinked computers have letters, requests, notices, demands, orders and worse arriving from departments, secretariates, ministries, offices, bureaux, and God alone knows whatever other agencies and "authorities," once one's details are provided to any one of them.

I attest to the most negative and to the very worst of the observations made by those before me on this blog -- and cannot wait to be out of this pathetic place -- whose best-hope "future" may very well be that it become a Chines Gooseberry farm for Peking's perilously-pernicious plundering predators. And that? Only if New Zealand's incoherently-ignoranmus inhabitants are lucky.

Brian Richard Allen

Anonymous said...

I agree absolute, I come here from my home country in asia 100 percent, kiwis are lazy, they not know how to put in a 12 hour day and expect to get every weekend off. They worse driving skill than an indian, and smell twice as bad. mostly they are drunk and spend their day lying in their own filth on the welfare, getting up only to eat and give birth to more bastardo beneficiaries. Everything very expensive 100 percent, and if you ask for service they sarcastic. Also very violent when walk the street at night you in danger of being raped by drunken mobs of law students. Most jobs not pay well, as very unproductive. My boss refused to allow me to sleep in supply closet and said must go home before midnight on at least two days a week. As mentioned before many cars on road, so bicycle is dangerous though very common in enlightend land of China!!

unkown said...

I agree with most of the people here. NZ is dying, there is no future in this Country..every one is ripping off, I'm an Indian, living here in NZ for more then 8 years. NZ is very different place, its very hard to survive, people are nice and polite, i have experience good and bad. the other day asked, To understand kiwis is not that easy its big firewall you never see there real face they are some fake ones and good ones but you never understand them. Never expect anything from kiwis, there is always boundary to kiwis u never wanna cross, just keep your self distance and say hello thats keeps you everything happy, bcs if you expect more from this u r the trouble maker, so thats what i said there are friendly but they have limits, they funny and share jokes, its awesome to have company and work with kiwi and also some time suddenly they say good bye they won't see you again, i have seen kiwi hating another kiwi bcs he stepped in to his lawn, can you see how silly it is, but its there culture i agree every one has it own thing, at the same time most of them are kiwis great people help you out if you car is broken in the middle of the road. so there are some good people out there. ups side downs are every where everything is changing.

The most problem now in NZ is jobs, there is no guaranty.
good salary can't rent a house, forget about average salary. $14.75 per hour wages no way
Now 2016 august, updates
$350 single bedroom under the basement, no windows, no kitchen( benchtop what is this bench top? ) forget about furnished..and this is technically converted garage to single bedroom. seriously..whats happening with this country i never seen this in NZ. i never seen from kiwi
with in a week i have seen drastically changes on rental price
470 is for 2 bedroom, no living room, no insulation,, windows,, bad smell, fungs and dirty carpet no garage, no store room, unfurnished. and upfront we have letting fees and advanced total $3500..and top of that there is huge line to have this property for rent. unbelievable demand..why bcs of every one is ripping off increasing their price on rentals, who is doing this?.. the answer is property management people, they don't sell on govt valuation, there is no rules from Govt, its all rip off from govt its self's, there is rules for paying tax for car, gst, income tax, but there is no rules for how much u rent your house.. house much u can sell your house. WHY..

Now for $600- $700 is average house you can get, our salary straight goes in to rental house, power bill, internet bills, groceries, looking after kids and wife seriously, this is why people hate NZ, no life here, and what we eat and what we save money for future, this is insane whats happening in nz, i call it rip off..

unless you earn good 100K salary then its okay, but there is no guaranty that after the Christmas ur job will be there. i have seen losing jobs.

Now get to the point, Auckland is going to be one of the worlds rip of country soon. and it will suck in to his own rip off plans soon too i have already sense this is coming, first banks and property managements and greedy people..who don't care and rip off every one....soon bank will fall bcs people leave again, it happen before now will happen again. lots of kiwis will migrate to Aussie.

but the average salary is the same..no balance. so the whole country is broke bcs of careless Govt management. young generation is gone they have no future in this country, they can't afford anything, the expensive country in the world, now its becoming top 10, i feel sorry for kiwis. they don't even know what actually happening in their own country.

Angey said...

We do know what's happening in our country, and we have no power to change it. When the vote came round, we knew if we didn't vote National the economy would fall, and then we'd be even worse off with out jobs.
People live here because it's safe, relatively clean but is getting overly expensive and it has never had stable work, at least not since 1987 when we had the share market crash.
Also we used to have England for import and exports, and once they went to the European Union, they dumped us. Rogernomics came in and ruined everything, instead of architects learning with experienced architects for example, everyone began undercutting each other, and people didn't learn from experienced quality architects. Business competition soared and therefore, people just undercut each other with little margin, so quality went down, incomes went down, and no one won, because no one spends either.
In NZ it is safe, but we tend to exist, rather than live, unless you have money and can afford to ski, have time to drive to the west coast and surf, and have a little yacht to go sailing, but the NZ lifestyle has diminished substantially, and quality of housing, just everything has gone down and the roads are gridlocked.
I think of moving to Central Otago, but it's expensive there too, and like most Aucklander's we like the sea. It is boring, but when we are on our OE, we still miss the rain bucketing on the roof, with a cozy open fireplace, and relaxing feeling safe and warm.
But because of massive mistakes by previous governments, and other things that we can't blame governments for, such as this global free trade thing, where things are manufactured overseas cheaply, thereby closing local businesses.. I think it's pretty much a world thing, because other countries are finding it too.
People live here because it is relatively safe, but the doo-gooders are ruining it with so many draconian rules, the sense of freedom has gone in Auckland, you have to get out into the country to move from cameras and heavy controls.
As for people, most of us are genuine, we like to have a work life balance, that's why we don't want to work the weekends as the Chinese person puts it, or work 12 hour days. Where otherwise it time to live life, and enjoy your family, you may as well be a machine. Also we don't sleep in closets... yet.. some people are sleeping in the streets now... it's totally ridiculous when we have so much land, and wood, and can grow anything, we ought to all have a 1/4 acre section, with decent food.. it is merely basic stuff and it's not like we don't have room for it. It's just Auckland piles up and we need to move new migrants to other regions... we tend to let in some really bad migrants, and meanwhile send home really nice ones, but you will find that .. it's like any stupid rules, so often the innocent ones get hurt or shipped out.. and the snakes slime in that's why the girl at work I detest so much, new migrant, made up lies to my boss that I was unkind to her, and it definitely wasn't true and it cost me my job. I cringe now when I see Indian women after that! And I made her so welcome and was so nice to her when she said her sister had cancer. It's unbelievable... they will probably let her stay instead of the nicer immigrants... she's over weight and has no skills, don't know why they let it .. notice the 'it' in.
But she had a miscarriage and can't have kids, so maybe that's why, she's such a sweet person to your face and a complete snake behind it.

Anonymous said...

I escaped this dump after 18 months of hell here. Never going back ever. Long journey for no reward. Its the people that ruin this place. Terrrible. Do not move there if you value your sanity

Unknown said...

Good god. For real? "Hey let's go to Oz and make snide comments about them while we live there, sound good as bro?" The English here is atrocious. Why anyone would chose to immigrate to this hateful windswept rock in the middle of absolutely nowhere is truly beyond me.

Unknown said...

My girlfriend and I have lived in NZ for the past 8 months and intended to for longer, but have been greeted at every turn by rude, ignorant, arrogant kiwis. We have made friends with more expats (despite wanting to befriend locals) than kiwis and can barely stand being around our kiwi flatmates. We've traveled on every continent and have never been somewhere where we liked the people less :( Oh well, luckily we're leaving NZ forever very shortly.

Charlie Barrie said...

We have been here 15 years, and things are going downhill. I can honestly say, without any doubt, that New Zealand is becoming a culturally limited place. We have chosen to live wayyyy into the rural backwater to avoid unsettling contact, but we can still hear the illegal exhaust noise, and we are still tailgated everywhere we go. We still have hoons driving up our private driveway to our house to steal things, even when we are home watching them. NZ Police are polite and record the data. Most New Zealander's are difficult to work with at a normal level in terms of bullying, and there is no room for honest self assessment or critical thinking. All barriers UP! My skin crawls when I have to very carefully explain simple concepts for daily tasks that appear simple to me. It is so depressing. You will notice that foreigners are to blame for everything, including the road traffic death rate (bloody Chinese tourists!), house prices (Chinese again), low wages (Chinese not buying enough milk!), no proper jobs (too many skilled people making money in some other country that is not New Zealand!) - a very unnerving state of affairs.

Unknown said...

By all means. Go and see what the rest of the world offers you all. New Zealand is amazing. I love this country and people.

Unknown said...

Anyone is always welcome around to my house for a BBQ and a beer. After experiencing all the pain in this world, I feel it only right to offer a feed and a bed for the night. Humility and humbleness is the Kiwi way, and we need to get be to our roots. Kia Kaha brothers and sisters.

Annie said...

Agree Chris Matthews! Nice to see some positivity on this thread. No country is perfect but I love the kiwi spirit and kindness.

Unknown said...

I'm from New Zealand. I don't hate other races.. I don't hate Australia.. When I read about all this hate for NZ it feels like I'm being personally attacked. They generalize the entire country.. Not everyone here is rude and self important or racist.. It's not nice being judged by the actions of others.. I think you'll find good and bad people no matter where you go. It's a real shame that people out there have these awful experiences in my country and I wish I could change that but putting us all down for it isn't right. We're not perfect but who is? There are a lot of good people here and they deserve better

Angey said...

Yes exactly, there are good and rotten folk in every country, and in every sector. I don't think it's wise to take it personally, I'm a fellow kiwi and we're genuine.. well mostly. We don't be nice to your face and incredibly vindictive and awful behind your back, as I found one recent immigrant recently. However, another here is doing volunteer time to help a boy with disabilities, and he's having difficulty staying in NZ, I think immigration goes to much on their capabilities rather than whether people are of good character, and I know which is far more important... Muriwai Beach yesterday, was brilliant for a body surf, that's something NZ is great for, and we were all enjoying ourselves. People give their time on that surf beach and many others, for no money to keep us all safe regardless of where we're from, so there's some excellent people out there.. and we're pretty darn genuine as you know... have a lovely day and don't work too hard ...

Jay said...

In only three years I've been here, my house has been ransacked, car vandalised and car hit in a hit and run. My car is pocked with dozens of door dings up and down both sides of the car and it's only three years old. I have had fruit stolen off my tree. I have found drugs on the ground twice. once by my home and once in town. What's sad is that I live in a nice part of a nice town. I don't go looking for trouble yet this crap is all around everywhere.

The workplace culture is toxic. I have struggled to find a decent place to work with people you can trust. I have also attended university in Nz and have been left high and dry by other kiwi students while needing to do group projects. Once I had to do a presentation myself because I was abandoned by my kiwi team mate.

I have been verbally attacked by Maori twice. Once in public at a park and once while trying to buy tyres. All over nothing.

They pride themselves on being nuclear free, yet they use millions of gallons of herbicide a year in the forestry industry alone. Just drive between Rotorua and Napier, you'll see what I mean.

There is a large gang contingent in New Zealand and the police seem powerless to do anything about it.

Prostitution, homosexual marriage, abortion, and gambling are all legal. There is a liquor store on every corner. Regardless of whether you think this is good or bad, it shows a lack of moral compass as a nation

The next generation is pretty much hopeless to be able to buy a house because the average house price, for a total dump, where I live is about 600,000 dollars. This is largely to do with government policy.

New Zealand is racist, there's just no way around it. Look at the comments by kiwis in this thread on how "white" kiwis have supposedly ruined New Zealand. As stated before, everything gets wrongfully blamed on the Chinese - purely xenophobic.

The drivers are horrendous. They are impatient, dangerous, and take unnecessary risks. I have seen and been involved in several close calls that would have been head on collisions with local drivers.

Jasmine said...

My last trip in 2015 to the South was amazing. It had left such a great impression on me that I've decided to come back here in 2016 with the intention to stay for good.

It has been 5 months since I've moved here, and its getting worst everyday. It started with my horrible boss. I asked if I take a day off the next day as I'm working today, which was my actual birthday. He replied 'Technically, your birthday is already over' that was one of the RUDEST remark I've evert heard, and I'll remember for life. That piece of shit.

Then its my landlord. He's a divorcee old kiwi man (60+ years old), remarried to some young Asian chick with a 5 years old kid. He commented that the sound of me switching in the lights, flushing the toilet and turning on the tap after 11pm wakes him up. So I cant use the bathroom after 11pm eventhough I'm paying rent. Plus, he complained about the hike in bills (less than nzd$10) because I cook that 1 day during my 3 months stay! My room doesn't have a lock, and he always comes in when I'm out of the house (without permission) to open the window in my room. He say he needed to 'air' the room.
And now, is my new job again. My kiwi colleague bitches about everyone and everything, then she'll act all sweet and friendly infront of them. It happened before my eyes, how they can switch from "she's so noisy! Wish she could just shut up!", and when that girl walks in, she goes "Heyyyyyy girlfriend! Would you like a cup of coffee?"

Customer service is a joke here. People over the counter just chat with each other infront of waiting customers, or take their own sweet time. There is no sense of urgency and motivation to give it your best when you're at work. Is always doing JUST enough to cover your ass. Its extremely unprofessional and worst of its kind. Customer service trainers teach by the book, word for word. They give you a sentence to say to the customers, and you cannot change the wordings. Lame ass. Managers doesn't care about why you're unhappy at work (rude colleagues bullying you/computers are always not working/unhealthy work space etc), they don't care if you've not taken a break for the last 10hours, basically, you're nothing but a name on the roster.

Rental cost is too high, vegetables are so damn expensive and don't get me started on the fuel prices.
I've made a few friends here, but the ones I can trust are not local kiwis. I'm currently getting some advice on my damaged vehicle from a kiwi guy. He seems genuine to help, but at the back if my mind, I'm just wondering if he'll be ripping me off with his other mechanic friends.

It leaves a bad aftertaste after all that has happen in this short span of 5 months. I'm so ready to leave now

Anonymous said...
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Angey said...
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Unknown said...
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Mad Angel said...

This Blog took my interest, but the comments are a 1000 times more stunning, as they seem to confirm a hundredfold and in even much more detail. Including some Kiwi comments defending themselves...by starting insulting... (rather hilarious, for instance, see the postings by "Guinevere Mellor said..." :-)

I like to post a full conversation I have with a Kiwi (who indicates on her profile she is Maori) ... before I blocked her.
Just to indicate the context: it's from a respected social media site involving international penpal contacts, including exchange of learning languages. (Not a dating site)

To get the picture right, I first copy-paste the esential part of her own profile, then the full conversation. You can see how "short cutting", rude and self-centered (fatal Kiwi/Maori proud) she is, as an reaction on my introduction to her (full of humour and honest showing off interest to start communication.)

Kiaora koutou katoa, My name is A*****, New Zealand Maori.
Healthcare Nurse Assistant.Trustworthy, Understanding, Kind
Hardworking, Friendly, Healthy, Caring, Loyal
I am passionate about what I do. Taking care of people, looking after their health, wellbeing and spirituality
Humble Interesting talented entertaining conversations that lead to lifetime friendships
Favorite Quotes
He aha te mea nui o te ao, he tangata,he tangata, he tangata
What is the most important precious thing in the world
It is people, it is people, it is people
God bless you all
Thank you

(CONVERSAION in next posting, otherwise: too long)

Mad Angel said...

(Follow up :)
(profile nickname Alg54 - text in bold)
(my own profile nickname : Andromedian - text in cursive)

12:21 CEST
Hello A*****,
...interesting profile.
I once had a Maori penpal, a loooooong time ago. Something like almost 30 years ago... believe me, that's a long time.. :-) She had a rugby playing hobby then, and it was the first time I learned, rugby is important in New Zealand !!?? (not in Belgium :-) )
My languages are :
1st : Flemish-Dutch, 2nd : French, 3rd : English, 4th : German, 5th : Spanish

I come from Andromeda... ^_^ ...but I am in Belgium.
If you like to find out if I'm enjoyable intelligent & crazy, and whatever else, just start writing :-)
I know for sure I'm often crazy indeed (except when I've got tears)

I adore meeting people from different countries. (Not just as penpal, but for sure also in real life, or even especially in real life? ... but I know it's difficult due to distances)
By the way, I like female friends who are strong, even stronger then me, who can amase me with (superior strenght) ! :-) Welcome !

By the way, in my profile I'm joking, but what I tell is 100% true (except Andromeda .. :-) ) If you want to see my personal photos, just ask for 'friendship' on here, my pictures are then accessible in the 2nd album. My own amateur sport is just running :-) ... I like that so much !


Sep 19, 2017
13:13 CEST
Meeting in the written word ? :-)

13:18 CEST
Hello meeting

14:45 CEST
That's a tiny but good start :-)

15:08 CEST
you are a waste of time

15:15 CEST
You know that ? :-) Bizarre ... :-)

15:15 CEST
your an ididot

15:16 CEST
Showing off rudeness ? Not all Maori are like that .

15:30 CEST
You know nothing about Maori people...so, therefore, dont ever mention the word Maori again

17:16 CEST
You actually know nothing about me, but start taunting right away.
You could have LEARNED to know me. Instead, you're rude and offensive.
You bring no honour at all to both your country and your heritage.
17:18 CEST
My penpal from 30 years ago was the exaxt opposite of you, and your manners...

(At that moment I blocked her)

Now, reread her own profile intro (text atop) and compare... what fatal lies in the profile text..

This is a real reality capture from today. Even if she produced so few words,
all elements come in : rudeness, aggression, fatal nationalistic/race pride.
The big question is, why she enrolled on an international penpals site ? ....

Unknown said...

I was born and raised in New Zealand, and I completely agree with you. I think some people are ruder to me because I'm Asian as well. There are nice people in New Zealand, but personally I've had more unpleasant interactions than pleasant ones. I don't know if this rudeness and racism was gradual or I noticed this coming back after 3ish years from America. My Kiwi friends also agrees that some people in New Zealand are getting ruder, and racist. A cyclist startled us right after we just crossed the road, walking to the side, and yelled at us to "Pick a side, Jesus..." And many similar situations have happened. Honestly, I can't wait to move out of this country.

thedarkangel said...

Late comment but I completely agree with you. I live in New Zealand and was born here. People are still really rude. I'm not sure why, but I hope I can leave soon, if I can save up money from my minimum wage job. One thing I hate is how expensive everything is here. Fruit and vegetables feel like premium items whereas junk food is cheap. People try to rip you off. I work at a cafe. They put the prices up when I had a day off. Why? Because food was getting more expensive. Housing is also really expensive. For $500,000 you can get a really bad house that was most likely built in the 50s. Seriously though, people are rude to me too. You get the odd person ask you how your days going when you go to the grocery store. As for the people stacking shelves, most of them will just move the cart out of the way if you ask if you can get something they're blocking. They may not be happy about it but they still do it. It feels weird being back here (I recently came back from Canada) and I've noticed a lot of differences that I didn't take much notice of before. People seem to look down at you and think they're so much better than you. In reality that's definitely not true. I feel like we're all drowning here, pushing each other down so we won't sink. There are some really nice people though. I hate my accent, I sound slightly different than other New Zealanders, I hate rugby etc. The scenery is nice but that's it. I want to leave.

Lalaland said...

OMG I LOVE it!!! Bang on
How the helll do we get out???.. I’m stuck here because of kids too.
I feel like Nzzzzz is hell on earth.

Lalaland said...

a 'tradey'. They are definitely an ignorant bunch of tools with a sense of self importance and macho attitude.

Unknown said...

New Zealanders are opportunists and a lot of them will take every opportunity to rip you off, especially if you are from overseas. In the Dairy Farm business, most of the will work you as a slave.... 12 days on, and only 2 days off. One job was 18 days on. Some farmers didn't give you any days off for 3 months. There are no labour laws that are actually being adhered to. They say in the contract 55 hours a week, and you are working more like 90 or 100, with no compensation. Farmers hire people from overseas and literally treat them like Niggers. They coudn't care less if they working you to death, or embezzling from the farm, or ripping you off, or making you spray carcinogens all day. if you get injured, they kick you to the curb like a bull calf. The most self centered uneducated bunch of people, who don't have a basic grasp of the English Language, and don't understand any words that would normally be used in a ore business setting...

mr Taylor said...

I Hate New Zealand it's Culture and most of the people, it's more and more American Neo-liberal every day,I have lived here, well subsisted here for my whole life, Violence Alcohol and abuse was everywhere when I grew up and even more so now, New Zealand is a Fascist Country it's also a institutionally Racist and absolute Corrupted Country the Nationalistic Doctrine of Violence and systemic Corruption is on par or exceeds religious fanaticism around the world, In New Zealand Hypernormalisation now has most people Catatonic very interesting to see how this has come to be.Please watch these Docos by award winning New Zealand documentary maker Bryan Bruce https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__2EdGFdgTA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzSAmOQuyjU and this one from social activist Naomi Klein https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=the+shock+doctrine Please No mocking me for spelling and Grammar I am still teaching myself to read and wright at 38 years of age.

Unknown said...

Fuck NZ. Born and raised there and got out 10 years ago. Beautiful scenery and fresh food but other than that, it's pathetic. People are generally uneducated, ignorant, entitled and often violent when they begin to lose a verbal debate. The culture is so diluted that it's confusing. A welfare state full of lazy people, especially the local Maori and Polynesian families that have no money, but keep having children.

Good for rural retirement and that's about it.

Lalaland said...

OMG at last other people who see it !?.. is there a FaceBook group?
How can I connect with other people who understand?
Im stuck in this county.

Angey said...

Unfortunately, it's easy to get stuck here.. we live at the bottom of the world, with small wages and unstable work.. it's really hard to get back out, especially if you have children like me.. I went on my OE like most of us Kiwi's and made the darn mistake of coming back. To get out, you have to work your asse off if you can get the work and save absolutely every penny.. I've been back now for 19 years and enjoyed one trip to the South Island.. I enjoy some things on a daily basis, but nothing like I did in the USA at Universal Studio's or Skiing Austria .. there's such a world out there of fun! I did enjoy the South Island though, and am thinking of moving down there to see if it's better than Auckland .. I miss the social vibrancy I had overseas.. I read the comments and agree with some of them of course.. there are always good and bad in every country though.. and our native fantails are cute. But yes, we do get stuck down here.. and there are far too many controlling laws.

Mr said...

Majority of Kiwis are repugnant abominations. I had to move many times in Christchurch (an absolute shit hole) due to revolting neighbours who made noise and had parties until 5am every weekend despite asking them to keep it down etc etc. The most trailer trash nasty pieces of shit I've ever encountered. Police and noise control do NOTHING. The landlords/tenancy agencies do NOTHING. I've also dealt with corrupt landlords who blame you for damage/faulty utilities that were already there and they steal your bond.

Everywhere you go in New Zealand is a fucking disaster and a rip off. Extortionate prices and rip off city. Amateur hour customer service and everything else is just a pile of shit.

Kiwis are the mot subhuman flotsam I have ever met. Can not stand the backward swamp turds. Never trust a kiwi as they will stab you in the back. I hate New Zealand with a passion, can you tell? Lol.

I curse the day I ever came here (over 10 year ago) but family commitments keep me chained here. FML!!!!

Lalaland said...

Im Stuck here too.

I feel the same


Unknown said...

Wow. So glad to see this and maybe have a place to vent that is current.

I moved to NZ three years ago. Married a Kiwi and brought my youngest daughter with me from America.
I’m not going to waste any time with the comparisons between the two countries, as I have always had a hard life in my own, but I suppose I’m disappointed by the fact that not only has my quality of life not improved since moving here, I now have to deal with my rapidly declining health on top of it all.

To start- my first impression after moving here was how the poor housing quality and the amount you pay to live in a meat locker, was astonishing. The cost of groceries had my head spinning right off the bat as well. We ended up living in a garage for almost $200 a week while I waited for my visa to be approved. It was only supposed to be for a couple of months, but turned into six. Mind you, I come from poverty and have even been homeless in my youth, so I can weather the storms, but now that I’m in my 40’s I shouldn’t have to pay $800 a month to live in a garage without heat, toilet, shower, or any means of cooking food. My husband had to go through a job placement agency for a while, as the first two jobs that hired him in this area when he moved away from the Auckland area, were dishonest about the money he would be making and what days they require him to work. Once I got my work visa, I naively thought everything would vastly improve because of my line of work and my experience level, but no one would hire me. My resume is a very impressive one, but it didn’t seem to matter and I was given very poor excuses for why I was being turned down.

Once I finally did get hired, I was treated like an alien at work. Constantly scrutinised over everything I did that was different to what my Kiwi coworkers and employers were used to. I found out about six months in that I was also being pay almost two dollars an hour less than my Kiwi coworkers with half my skill level. I was given the worst roster of anyone else, and was constantly being asked to cover for everyone else while they took their holidays, but when it came my turn, certain days I asked for, I’d be denied because no one would cover for me.

I was belittled very regularly and made to feel like I had nothing of value to offer. I tried to find work elsewhere, but again, no one would hire me. When we finally started doing better financially, we managed to find ourselves a “garden home” I guess you’d call it, and I loved it at first. I’m a minimalist. I don’t need very much to keep me happy. But this place was not insulted. It was damp and mouldy, and I began suffering daily allergies that felt like the flu. As time went on, I started having severe respiratory issues and my doctor had to put me on asthma medication. He told me we just needed to move out of the rural area we were in, and also into some place dry.
So that’s what we did. My asthma and allergies have not improved though. I now take three medications every day to keep from wheezing and choking.

To be continued...

Unknown said...


In the industry I work in, I’m on my feet all day and have to deal with many clients one on one. I find work to be more stressful out here for two reasons. One, I find many Kiwi clients have poor communication skills and we have to go round in circles with each other just to get on the same page. There’s an avoidant mentality out here where Kiwis fear confrontation so much, they would prefer you be the one to do all the heavy lifting in the consultation so they can blame you for not getting it right later on, but not to your face. They’ll wait, and call the next day, or send an email. “You’re the professional” is their go to phrase for not being able to make their own minds up, or participate in the process in an half intelligent way, and the level of wilful ignorance I encounter is horrifying.

The second reason it’s far more stressful, is the lacking skills and poor work ethic of my Kiwi counterparts. I can’t speak for other places of business out here firsthand, but based on my limited experience and observation, it would appear many Kiwi businesses owners want to run a successful money making operation without having to spend any money to do it. My coworkers are severely lacking in education and training, but are expected to put out advanced skill work at advanced skill pricing. This “fly by the seat of your pants” way of doing things leaves so much room error and costs more money in the long run that it would cost in the short run to spend money on training people to do it the right way from the beginning. But I find the math skills lacking in that arena. And yet, I had very poor education myself when coming into my line of work, but I find what sets me apart from my Kiwi coworkers, is the drive and hunger to go out seeking more knowledge to improve and grow. They lack motivation and also seem fearful of trying anything out of their comfort zones. It blows their mind if you show them that there is more than one way of doing things.

As a result of all I’ve said above, I have become someone at work that everyone depends way too much on. I have to not only cover my own work, but I’m constantly being pulled in all directions by those who can’t seem to take the initiative to learn on their own time, and be confident in their own abilities.

Being the kind of person who believes in being assertive and honest, no matter how uncomfortable, I have attempted to address all these issues, but nothing improved and I feel utterly exhausted.

It’s tough to make friends here. People are nice on a superficial level. Sure, it’s not superficial like people are in Hollywood, but it’s still not genuine, as I find most the Kiwis I encounter to lack an ability to see things from the perspective of others, place themselves in other people’s shoes, or take any real sort of interest in them that doesn’t serve them in some selfish way.
To be continued again...

Unknown said...

To End...

Racism, intolerance for differences (especially the disabled or mentally ill), toxic masculinity, anti-intellectualism, apathetic, indifferent, and generally unaware of both themselves and of the people around them. I kind of am not shocked be that. It’s an island and the baby country of the world. So I can understand that it’s going to have some developmental slowness in some areas. But because I’m battling health and work exhaustion, stress and isolation, on the daily, I just find I can’t cope. It’s hard to muster the energy to be optimistic. There is no good excuse for the greed and sleezy, thievery that is every business and real estate development, that is the country of New Zealand. A country that claims it’s not like their Western cousins.

There is no good excuse for building substandard living conditions in a harsh climate that would need higher standards in order to maintain quality of life and health, and charging absurd amounts of money for it.
None! The people of this country are being preyed upon by their own countrymen, and they need to own it. Stop blaming the Chinese for the corruption that is taking over, and start holding their own citizens and government accountable. And by that I mean, stop bitching about it behind the scenes and take action.

As for me and mine, I’m out of this shithole next year. If I have to move into another crappy garage and live off noodles the whole time, in order to save up the funds to get out, that’s what I will do. And for those of you who say you’re stuck or trapped... no you aren’t. Where there’s a will there’s a way. You just need to figure out what you’re willing to give up to achieve it. Don’t let this country rob you any longer. Stick around to fight for change, or sell it all and get the hell out of dodge!


Unknown said...

agree with everything. I am born and bred half maori,so i have always had to deal with neighbors that always shout out and call you names and some people actively hate stare me but some old people are nice. So i came to west coast SI 20 months ago, and have nice big home and I fix it up for good rent because my landlord is very easygoing which is rare and i am lucky about that. so it is a large property with large paddock out back. well, neighbors are horrible, very cruel they shout abuse from there hiding places and always telling me to f.... off from day one but Iam the only one to pick up the rubbish that is everywhere, buried and dumped, also they shifted boundary marker to unlawfully possess my back section, so when i ask for my land back , they have started vicious feud,they never introduce themselves they are so horrible. Previous tenant cut and burned down every tree in this beautiful place and filled it with household rubbish so when I try and plant trees they hate me and I get nothing but abuse, called names day and night because they are always wasted and drunk. I am so tired of it but we stick it out because this place deserves so much better. The authorities do nothing, when I TRY TO DEFEND MYSELF i AM LABELED MENTAL, AND THEY CALL CHILD WELFARE, thank God for my faith it keeps me going because I know He will help soon. They are cruel and immoral but this has been my general experience my whole life in NZ. Otherwise i9t is so depressing and you just lose the will to live because they suck out all joy. Even there rottweiler is depressed and howls miserable everyday. Nobody cares though, they will be all up in my ass if I put a foot wrong.

Angey said...

Sounds like you've awful neighbours, I live on the North Shore, and we're pretty lucky to have good neighbours.. just ignore them.. and they'll eventually just wind up moaning at themselves.. good for you though, Westcoast is lovely.. I visited my friend down in Greymouth last year and loved it!! Auckland's getting too busy, I'm thinking of moving to the South Island after I finish my course up here. I love skiing so am thinking the South Island could be perfect. I'm a kiwi too .. I lived in England for 5 years, skied Austria and had a fabulous time in the USA, also.. Wales, and Scotland.. I'd like to do more but you know, it's cost. I found it really hard coming back to NZ. I still find it hard, I loved the sense of humour and overall open mindedness overseas, and the social side, people talked to each other, including the pubs whereas in Auckland, people tend to stick in their own circles, and at the Pubs, my sister and I went last night, and no one else talked to us, typical Auckland, pubs overseas we'd probably have made heaps of friends by the end of the night.. people here think if you chat to them, then you're trying to hook up with them, it's annoying.. so I do find it hard in that respect. During the 1970's it was excellent, everyone had 1/4 acre section, kids rode their bikes outside and made huts, people had jobs, and there were no cameras or draconian laws.. but now it's pretty dull I find, and judgemental.. Remember your neighbours must be unhappy to behave like that, be nice back, as God says, love your enemies and let him sort them out, and just have patience, one day they may improve .. lets hope so, especially for the sake of the poor dog who's stuck with them.

Unknown said...

I'm a New Zealander of Maori descent and I hate this Country and the Maori culture. This Country rips people off, they overcharge for electricity, food, rental properties and buying a house is almost impossible for the average kiwi, and everything else, tradies rip you off to the tune of eighty dollars an hour for a lousy job, Maoris kill their kids and pretend that their land is oh so precious when really they don't give a shit about it. The NZ police force are a bunch of uneducated apes, the prison system is a joke. The country is riddled in crime, alcoholism, drug abuse, stupid arse gangs and rude thick people. I hate this place and if I had the money I would have left years ago. Don't come here it's a waste of time and money. Don't believe the stupid adverts about NZ being the land of milk and honey lol because it's a big fat lie. I am ashamed to be a New Zealander and I am ashamed that I am part Maori.

Unknown said...

it sounds to me like most of you have only been north island if you want the real kiwi's come to the deep south the north have lost the kiwi spirit same as CHCH My city of Dunedin is probably one of the last openly friendly city's but to be honest truth is anyone can come to hate a country if they there long enough

Anonymous said...

I’m international student from Thailand, and I have to admit that I felt a a bit disappointed with locals. I mean from what I’ve heard before flying here that how friendly Kiwis are. I totally believed so! flying here with all cheerful feeling and positive attitudes.

But then I could feel a not-so-good first impression since the moment I stepped in to the airport (but not that I had quickly made the judgement though, I still thought it’s the way how ppl working in airports can get stressed) but yeah, unfortunately, all the unfriendly impression didn’t just stop at the airport, it’s everywhere here...I feel like they are not so warm type of people, never smile first; almost everytimes I interact with them(and I normally used to smile all the time), what I get back is cold and ignoring reactions. Of course, not all of them are unfriendly though (which, thank to some friendly Kiwis whom I met that still keep me sanity).
I have one of bittersweet memories to share; so I once got greeting by an old sweet Kiwi lady and with my expereices with NZ so far; my congition wasn’t sure that I finally got a greeting from ppl. I needed to look around making there was nobody else, then I could be sure it was really me whom she ‘hello’ to.

Man, help me, I now forgot how to smile, and be warm and sweet. It is so sad when I though how I’ve been losing my personality ;(

It might be me who is overthinking here, but that is how I percept now; and I have to face with this situation for another few years until I finish my study... I hope I can still retrieve back my attitudes and personalities once I get back to my home country, before I get even more depressed...
I am so sorry if I upset some of you guys, New Zelanders who are generous, sweet, warm and welcoming. Not that I don’t believe that you guys exist, it might be just that I am not lucky enough to get associate and be around with people like you ;(

Mad Angel said...

Anonymous October 26, 2018 at 2:53 AM >>> µ
Personal impressions ALWAYS are right ...
There no no need (ever) to appologise towards any person, due to charing your own impressions.

Anonymous said...

Why do kiwis have big attitude and big face?
Is that true that kiwis are not the original people of new zealand?
What does 'when you are in Rome, do as romans do?'
Why are kiwis very racist agains non-whites but at the same time, they also hate america and australia?

I lived in Europe, Asia, America and Australia.
This is the top worst place, I've been to. Such a time waster!
Australia, people are MUCH MORE kind and welcoming

BluesMan said...

About 8 or 9 years ago, I found myself developing an intense aversion to white, male New Zealanders and this bothered me. In my working life, I have worked with people from all over the world, ( I even worked with a bloke from Iceland! ) and found them to be just like most other people - some good, some bad. So my growing dislike of white males from NZ caused me a bit of self doubt. Fortunately, I'm blessed with a very good memory, so I set out to prove myself wrong by recalling every white, male Kiwi I had worked with in about 30 years in the mining game...and found out that I was right in every case.

In every case, every one of them had, at some time, dobbed, dogged, lied and started rumours about me. If they had been in a supervisory position, they had stopped me from getting a promotion in favour of another Kiwi or stopped me from getting training for another position. They are also notorious for, and this is a big one with white male Kiwis, hanging around the boss's office door so much that no one else can get in to see him! I used to call these blokes the Kiwi Door Stops!

The ridiculous thing about all of this is the fact that I must have worked with hundreds of Maori blokes and can only think of two that I didn't like. I've never felt unwelcome around Maoris - I've partied with them, danced with them, fought with them - and the next morning been sent on my way with a big breakfast in my belly and some bumps and bruises and an invitation to "come back soon, bro."

So tell me, WTF is the problem with white, male Kiwis?

Unknown said...

I'm a 4th generation white Kiwi male and come from an artistic sensitive family background. My male cousins all danced ballet (none are gay). Years ago the eldest cousin was almost beaten to death in Wellington because of white ignorant scum. I've put up with the bully mentality for years in the workplace. None of us were into rugby but to fit in you had to fake an interest in it.
I have lived in USA for a year and now currently reside in Australia, my fear is how i'm generalised by Australians as just another ignorant Kiwi. I love my country but never felt like I belonged there. My daughters will grow up as Australians.

Anna Ngo said...

I am New Zealand-born but of Vietnamese descent and, just over two years ago, brought my American partner to NZ to live, as my father still lives here and we were thirsting for a new adventure. I lived in California for about 25 years. We have loved the scenery and lack of crowdedness (we came from LA) but struggle with the money side of things, like so many commenters on this post. But the rudeness I have experienced from random people has been somewhat of a shock and a disappointment to me. Of course I had talked NZ up before we came, buying into the whole "paradise" thing and romanticising its backwardness as "retro."

I just had a very unpleasant run-in with a woman at the supermarket, not the first time that's happened. It left me angry and shaken so I googled "rude New Zealanders" and came here for validation! Of course not all Kiwis are rude; some are very nice indeed. It seems to be a function of education/class? But I've never had people be as openly rude/hostile/aggressive over virtually nothing as here in NZ. People are pretty nice to me "back home" so it's been a big surprise, not something I'm used to at all. Incidentally, all rude encounters were with white people and I can tell that my race makes me something of an "it" here rather than a full-fledged person; until I begin speaking, I am mistaken for a recent Chinese immigrant, unless I'm accompanied by my white bf.

I also had a workplace bully who openly hated my guts and took every opportunity to belittle me while the boss knew and did absolutely nothing. (At least two people had quit because of her before I came along.) I wanted to cry a lot of the time and dreaded coming to work. She was this massive lady and I'm just over five feet tall, so it was bullying in a physical sort of way as well. Anyway, I feel better knowing it's not just me. I've tried to discuss it with some Kiwi friends of mine and they say nothing like that has ever happened to them and I'm just being sensitive. They are offended by my observations even though I'm not trying to be insulting and they have no sympathy for me at all. Then it's always that excuse of them being more reserved, but reserved people don't shout obscenities at strangers. I never thought about how nice Americans were until I wasn't there anymore. I hope it gets better as he's in the process of applying for his residence, but at least we can go back to America if it doesn't, though things are going cray cray over there at the moment!

Unknown said...

Yes i am agree with you .. i am living here from last 4 years . Nz is so beautiful country no doubt but people are so rude , angry. Some people are very racist here because i had experience. I am working as a customer service sometime they are so rude , start to say fuck off without any reason which is very very bad. I think they don’t have kind heart that’s by they can’t understand the feeling of others. I feel so boring here . Hopefully i will move country very soon

FUT TRADER said...

I can't believe some of these comments of New Zealanders trying to defend themselves and saying they were voted one of the least corrupt. THAT IS COMPLETELY ASSSHIT! New Zealand was voted 2nd least for corruption PERCEPTION index! If you don't know what perception means you're probably a product of their shit schooling system. The recent strikes by Teachers and Nurses is just fucked up! They've been underpaid for so long under National and they only strike when Labour's in government? Even look at Peter Dunne talking about how Labour/Greens/NZ First should've done better at keeping these synthetic drugs in check when HE WAS THE ONE WHO BROUGHT THEM IN in the first place.

There's also a major swearing and racist culture in New Zealand such as casual swearing and racism that exists even in Primary and Intermediate schools even if the children don't realize it's offensive. The school system is trash except for some exemplary students and teachers that actually have qualifications.

To wrap it up (as much as I hate to admit) New Zealand does have nice scenery and wildlife however the people here are quite racist to those who aren't white. They'll rip you off, blatantly lie, kill and get away with it (corrupt police) and be racist and swear openly.
NZ is a beautiful country on the outside but when you investigate further you can see the rot spreading throughout society.

Shashi said...
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SolarPowerRocks said...

Kiwis are incredibly snarky!
They hide behind the lie that it is just their self depricating
etc etc sense of humour, but the truth is that it's actually
their personality.

They can't allow themselves to enjoy a single sentiment of
good will or pleasantness towards others or themselves.
It's incredibly toxic.

Yes there are good kiwis, but why should they give a pass to the majority?

If there is one brilliant student and the rest fail, do we give
the whole class a pass because of that one student?
Don't think so.

I still can't figure out what their mental complex is.
Do they want attention? Are they narcissists?
It's probably a combination of mental complexes because there is no
pleasing them!

Dimicuzz said...

They don't carry guns to schools and start shooting I guess.

Dimicuzz said...

Why are aboriginals discriminated against?

Dimicuzz said...

Plenty of Aussies drive utes too

Unknown said...

I agree with the original blogger... New Zealanders, especially Maori are the rudest most violent and aggressive bastards on earth

I live in Australia and Australian born third generation European. Let me tell you, Fuck so called political correctness.. What's the point of behaving politically correct under an outright bastard of a violent person who is just that because their culture condones and encourages it.

I have never met a non violent Maori male OR female... They infiltrate OUR country and think an Iron fist will get them anything they want... Well guess what you Black bastards, our Aboriginal people piss all over you lot... Our indigenous people are a gentle race and a gentle culture.. Treat them with respect and they return it with love tenfold... You Maori bastards should take a leaf out of their book.

Come to Australia if you dare you violent fucks, we have laws that will put you in your place and I for one will make sure you don't show your violent black faces more than once in my presence.. Straight to jail with all the other violent agreessive bastards you will go !!

Anonymous said...

I agree. Even though I never visit New Zealand but I did try to be friends with them on foreign friends website which I hope that the people on here should be open minded enough.

But 100% of them ( more than a dozen ) is completely plain rude, arrogant and the most disgusting human being on this planet.

Unknown said...

New Zealand has no culture of its own... keep dreaming

Unknown said...

Humble? Kiwis are some of the most arrogant and nationalistic I have ever meet. Worse the French

Tried So Hard said...
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Tried So Hard said...
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Not a kiwi fan said...

I think you said it a quite correctly.... Primitive and usually along with primitive comes arrogant. How fkng dare they dog owner tell you to fk off..., that's us kiwis tho for ya.... Not a fan of nz either as this is typical behavior

Mr said...

Small genitalia. Insecure as you can get and morally bankrupt in every way possible. They are deranged.

Lalaland said...

Small genitalia! I never put it together but absolutely yes! So small in comparison to ...gosh all other nationalities, very insecure men indeed. For most females dating these ‘men’ domestic abuse is sadly the norm.

Unknown said...

NZ society has gone to the pack.

Tony1990 said...

I'm from South Korea and have been living here in New Zealand for over 3 years.
I found heaps of kiwis are nice but I found heaps of kiwis are rude and weird.
I saw and got alot of things getting stolen by kiwis. Heaps of ķiwis are thief.
They don't apologise when they make mistake or commit fault but swear, gossip alot behind our backs.
They are leaving trolley at eveyrwhere on the street after use and shopping which is super weird and stupid

Lalaland said...

Kia Ora,
I’m back stuck here in nZ kingdom
Of the hermits.

I never knew what a Narcissist was until
I had to date kiwi men. They are supported by their friends family and even police for their abusive bad behaviour.

Tessa said...

I moved back to NZ in 2016 and was shocked by the changes I saw since I had left in 2012. The whole country seemed grayer and there were sooo many more people with tattoos. Tattoos previously used to be quite a rare or rebellious thing but now they are definitely more like yr norm esp for younger people. So much that we had of beauty inspiration and culture seems to have disappeared, there is a real bland transient sameness to the retail world and the weather thois year was sooo bad I almost want to kill myself. There's such a huge beneficiary culture and with it problems with so many single parents who don't have resources (not all of them, some are great) .
It isn't all bad here but it can be a boring and brutal kind of place, the weather is easier than some (very hot) Asian countries, gangs can be troublesome and intimidating, and sometimes feels like there's a lack of love or joy here. I dream of going to live in Australia or somewhere else but I have family here so I probably wil never leave. Some of the beaches are really beautiful, and it's definitely not all bad, but it is pretty sad state at the moment overall

Damien said...

I've lived in New Zealand for 23 years now and I've never seen a kiwi try build up another person.
It's not just that these are a rude group of people. No, all they do is tear others down.
It's incredibly draining. My guess is that they are a very insecure group of people.
At least the men that is. I am planning on leaving this country in a few years.
Hopefully that will be the end of it.

Sidra said...

Shame is weaponised. There's a lot of cruelty and exploitation because there's no real economy. There's little empathy for others and kiwis don't like children. Try taking your child to the park and grown adults not willing to get out of the swings while smoking a cigarette. There were also no dogs allowed signs that were constantly ignored. People just let their dog shit on the playground and gave no fucks if a child was crying because they're afraid of dogs. Renters and people of color are treated like second class citizens. I met some good people but they weren't the norm.