I always wanted to be like Mom

When I was little, I was always in awe of my mom.  She could just look at somebody and tell that they were pregnant or how old their kids are or if people were not telling the whole story.  She had lots of intuition and I couldn't wait to grow up to have it too.  I mean, as a youngster I figure it should be genetic, right?

Well, time went by, I grew up, started my own family.  And I waited....
OK, if it's not genetic and automatically transferred, then I'll have to have my own references.  But checking height as a reference for age was out because I was six feet tall by the time I got done growing.
I know, when I have my own baby, I'll at least be able to have a working idea of how old kids are by looking at my own.  Wrong.  My one and only natural child weighed 12 lb 7.5 oz at birth!!!
And now, all those years later, without the magical genetic conferring of wisdom, I am still trying to figure the world out.  Since I took up gardening, I thought I'd be able to say (at least, with a modicom of assurance) "it's getting to be spring"or "autumn is on it's way" by the flowers.
Wrong again, cursed weather patterns! 
We have 'naked ladies'  (see photo stolen from internet) growing in our garden.  

They are gorgeous flowers that got their name because in the autumn, the flowers grow tall without leaves.  The leaves come in the spring.  
Or, at least, that's how it's suppose to work.
We have a patch of these planted.  Here we are in the middle of summer.  
There are flowers poking through the soil in some spots.... 
and leaves in others.
I can't catch a break. 


jaquelyn {mama thoughts} said...

Hey! Just stopping by from SITS. =) Those flowers are really pretty, I like them a lot! =)

Unknown said...

stopping in from sits to say hi! what gorgeous flowers! i can't wait for spring to come back to this neck of the woods! happy saturday!

MsTypo said...

I swear to this day that my mother had ESP about these things. LOL :)

Stopping by from SITS

BPOTW said...

I don't have intuition like that either. In fact, I've stuck my foot in my mouth far more often than I'd like to admit...

Xazmin said...

Thanks for making me smile! Seems I didn't inherit what I wanted from my mom either...but all the things that bugged me, that I swore I would never do - well I got all those!

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

My grandmother calls them Nekkid Ladies, but she's the only one I've ever head use that expression! How funny.

Intuition is a funny thing. You probably have it in an area you don't even think about because it comes so naturally. Like, do you know when it's time to visit the potty? Or your teeth need brushed, or your tummy needs food? I bet you have plenty of intuition! :)

Thanks for visiting my blog today.

Glennis said...

Yep those are Naked Ladies alright, so you got something right!
You made me smile too. Haha.

Sandra said...

It is interesting reading about your journey from KS to New Zealand. I'm not sure I could make such a drastic change. Thanks for following my blog. I'm returning the gesture!

the walking man said...

It seemed for the longest time that whenever I got near a young fertile female they would soon after get pregnant, not by me of course, but simply in the near relation with their lover.

I think this is why my daughter doesn't come around much. She is of the mind that she's done her part in producing one grandchild.