Just smile and nod....

There are a couple of new ads for the lottery that are just...strange, to say the least. They feature a guy (who never speaks), his conscience (in the form of a latino guy with a mexican accent) and a gnome (named terry).
In one ad, the conscience tells the guy to take a break from his job and off he goes. Then the phone rings and the conscience says, "I think you should probably get that, terry." The camera pans back to see the gnome sitting on the counter, then cuts to the lotto logo.
That's the whole ad.
Well, several times a day, my family develops mexican accents and everybody seems to be named 'terry'.... this is where you just smile and nod and pretend everything is ok.
It's pretty cool around our house.

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fadsjahgdsgadfadsfasdgadharerhdfgmkgfksfd said...

I love these ads.

You forgot 'Don't worry dog, terry will get it'