Cultural differences and other thoughts

A bit more of what I have learned about '... culture that shouldn't be so different, but it is...'...

Old singers and old tv series come to NZ to die. The latest is Miami Vice. The series started from the beginning here a few weeks ago.

Some brand names are universal, but the product is not. I cannot tear duct tape with my fingers. Cotton Soft and Kleenex toilet tissues are NOT equal to US quality.

Lotto is currently using the theme from 'The Greatest American Hero' for their ads. That was a blast from the past when I first heard it.

Phred, the current cat, is so different from Bubba, the former cat. Bubba only meowed and rubbed my legs when he wanted fed. Phred does it when he wants to be petted--which is pretty much anytime he's not sleeping.

I don't understand why people in the news get name suppression here. I can see it if you're a minor, but after you've been convicted of a crime you're officially a criminal and don't deserve it.

I hate it when television stations don't show the second of two parts of a program. I don't believe they could get away with that in America. 

Home-made bread isn't cheaper than buying it. It just tastes better.

The ASB Bank has been using Americans for their ads for 10 years now.

Never install a dark floor in the kitchen. It looks great, but shows every tiny speck of dirt.

In a week, I can watch every series of the CSI shows--plus Survivor, Criminal Minds, Ugly Betty, Bones, Mythbusters (and others, I'm sure) on two different channels but with different seasons or starting points.

Hubby takes me on a trip 'around the mountain (Mt Taranaki)' occasionally and we always find great stuff to photograph, even after 4 years.


southseaislandhome said...

This so interesting. I love it! I agree with you on most of it too - especially the name suppression thing and the tv thing - it is extremely annoying. Toilet paper... yeah, you're right!
And I know all those old singers and programmes come here to die, but what a great place to go out on, you have to admit? LOL!

Nancy/BLissed-Out Grandma said...

Interesting collection of thoughts!

Unknown said...

Since I'll never get to visit NZ it's nice to know someone there. I enjoyed the visit, pictures and comments.