Great holiday, as usual!

We had a really great holiday, as we always do. Hubby is the best planner in New Zealand and we were all amazed at the great things and places he found.

Hubby's Mum (HM) came in from England and we picked her up at the airport in New Plymouth on Tuesday evening. On Wednesday morning, we were heading out to Wellington with a slight detour to Palmerston North so HM could catch up with some friends. While they were having lunch, we took the kids go-carting.

Then we were off to Wellington for a quick meal, a stroll along the beach.

Hubby found a great motel that had two bedrooms upstairs. We were all glad for the rest, but we had started this joke from a comedian we saw on tv. Apparently, it was a tradition in her family to do a silly take-off of OilCan Harry (if you don't remember it, you can google him). It went something like this:

"Pay the rent."
"But, I can't pay the rent."
"Pay the rent."
"But, I can't pay the rent."

Then the hero shows up:
"I'll pay the rent."
"My hero!"
"Curses, foiled again!"

Well, our crew wasn't about to waste this silliness and we did the sketch at every opportunity, all giggling ourselves silly each time. 

Finally, it was bedtime and when we wanted the kids to settle down, we chided up the stairs, "Go to sleep." 

We should have known better because the next thing we heard was a squeaky, "But, I can't go to sleep." And we all giggled from being tired all over again for another 20 minutes. A great start to the holiday!

The next morning we were off to the ferry for a trip across the Cook Strait. 

And our holiday was on it's way to other wonderful things to see and do in the South Island. 

Sadly, cameras (no matter how good they are suppose to be) don't come close to capturing the real beauty of our trip, but we will cheerfully settle for the reminders our cameras provide. We have about 850 shots from this trip and it's hard to decide what to share with you. I will be taking you on a virtual tour on this blog and posting favorite shots on my other blog. So feel free to check out both blogs.


Belle said...

Fun time for the family! And there is nothing better than to go to the ocean; it looks beautiful.

Brenda Susan said...

Hi I'm here from Friday Follow and I'm excited to take a look around here. Great pics!

Ms Bibi said...

Gorgeous pictures. Sounds like you have a lovely holidays with your family.

I am your new follower from Never Growing Old.


Desiree said...

Your pictures are incredibly beautiful to those of us who
've never been to NZ or seen any of the places you saw. I cannot get over the crystal clear, blue shade of your ocean. It's much bluer and cleaner-looking than ours. The scenery is breath-taking and I'm really excited to be able to pop over and enjoy the virtual tour you're going to be sharing with us!

Sarah of 'Catching the Magic' said...

Wonderful! We just got back from a holiday in Nelson & Marlborough and I totally understand your dilemma in choosing photos! So very, very beautiful x

Tropical Mum said...

Even with not doing it justice, your pics look gorgeous.

My hubby grew up in Wellington, so some of these vistas look familiar.

Clipped Wings said...

Sounds like you had a perfect vacation, and the photos are beautiful.

Kipp said...

New Zealand looks like a great vacation spot.