I don't get how people act crazy when a FREE service goes offline for a bit. If I paid for Blogger, I think I would have a right to complain, but I think they did an excellent job of explaining what happened and I don't plan to jump ship any time soon.

When it comes to mannerisms, I believe there are only two kinds of men in the world--one with mannerisms like the men you grew up with and the opposites. That's why  you have such a good chance of picking a man 'just like dad'.

Sometimes, I don't really want to know why my facecloth is not where I left it. It's time to be washed, anyway.

When I moved here, I kinda kept an eye out for the ex-wife. Every time I saw someone with her short haircut, I wondered if it was her. Then I noticed that there are a lot of similarities between her and other females with here haircut--body shape, freckles, shape of the nose. I'm not saying that there is a small gene pool in NZ, but you can draw your own conclusions.

Is it being hypocritical when you do something that you get mad at someone else for doing?

There are some very trainable men in the world. But, no matter how trainable they are, they will never understand the female importance of 'everything in it's place' or 'if you put it back in the same place every time, you will know where it is when you need it'.

Given that information, I have found that it take much less effort to just pick up the clothes left three inches away from the clothes basket than to fuss and fume and think things like, 'He knows what I want--he's just too lazy or selfish to do it!'  If that's the worst thing he does on a regular basis, then I can live with 2 seconds of inconvenience. After all, he did get pretty close.

And speaking of 'trainable'--I haven't had to call 'Noise Control' because my neighbors are sharing their music all the way into my living room lounge in quite a while. Hmmmm...

Choosing to be upset over a fleeting moment is a waste of time and energy. Choosing to forgive and forget is much more comforting and much less ulcer-producing.

After watching our cat, Grace,  wander around the house, I have to wonder how cats got the reputation for being graceful and agile.

Fall might be in the air, but I refuse to acknowledge it as long as the sun is shining!


Ann said...

wish I read your post yesterday.

My teen aged son did something really stupid yesterday. I told him off and said you don't do that and expect people to just forget.

Then this morning, as usual, he acted as though nothing had happened.

Heather T. said...

Ha - my cat is SO not graceful, either ;)

I agree with your thoughts on the men, even though I live with four of them. There it is, though....four of them. If they all are a mess, then it'll keep me doing nothing more than picking up after them continually; so I do have to fuss a little. I'm pretty sure that one day, their wives will appreciate that I did. As for the hubby....you can't train an old dog new tricks - - but you can sure try to train the puppies :)

My only thoughts on blogger being down yesterday was if all the history of my writing life has been gone for good - it made me think; therefor, I thought I might just fix up a backup into Wordpress. I started once before, but it was SO lengthy in time that I couldn't finish it. With blogger being down, yesterday, it reminded me.

We can back up our history onto our own computers, but if for some reason blogger can't come back one day....that backup has no use to us.

Genie said...

Your wonderful writing today was filled with wonderful tidbits and pieces of your thoughts. I loved every word if it. You have a great way of getting your thoughts down on paper.

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Our persian...Winston, gets sooooooo relaxed when perched up on top of the hard drive or sometimes the back of the couch, he begins to roll in his sleep and loses balance and FALLS...just like rolling off a log. It's comical, but I'm afraid sometimes he's gonna hurt himself.

As for Blogger, I feel the exact same way---it's a fee free amenity in our lives we must go with the flow.


Have a great weekend.

Better is Possible said...

Enjoyed reading your thoughts. I checked out some of your other posts and really enjoyed them as well. I especially liked your advice for your kids when they turn 21! Fabulous advice for all of us. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog post.
BTW, how bad was it that I didn't even notice that blogger was down? I just figured people had taken a break from writing. That's me, ever the detail person!

And Then Kate said...

I feel your pain. My husband has to WALK BY THE COATRACK in order to throw his jacket on the kitchen table. I'm often conflicted as to whether I should be frustrated or just impressed.

Good work with the neighbors, btw.