Harden up!

That's what they say around here when you whine about something.

That's what they should have said to the 2000 people who missed the opening ceremonies of the Rugby World Cup earlier this month instead of rewarding them with free tickets to later matches.

Free tickets for those who missed out

Fans who missed the Rugby World Cup opener due to Auckland transport failures may be offered free tickets to an All Blacks semifinal as compensation.
An estimated 2000 people missed some of the opening ceremony or the All Blacks-Tonga match due to transport delays, mainly with the overcrowded trains.
A report presented to Auckland councillors on Wednesday said it was appropriate for the council to compensate those who missed out.
It says those who missed both the opening ceremony and the match should be given tickets to an All Blacks semi-final if they reach that stage of the tournament.
Those who missed the opening ceremony and part of the match should be given tickets to a All Blacks quarter-final.

Is no one responsible for their own actions any more? Do they think that everything wrong in their life is really someone else's fault? Is the reward for whining compensation worth the humiliation or don't they have enough pride in themselves to know they look like fools?

I'm wondering how many of those that missed out on the opening ceremony arrived at the airport many hours early to make sure they were ready for the flight over here. There were 60,000 people who had enough sense to get to the opening early enough to see everything!

Kinda makes you want to go, 'Hmmm...' 


Clipped Wings said...

Sad, but there seems to be a large number of people who accept no responsibility for their actions anymore. They think the world owes them everything. I think this is mostly because of how they were raised,and having everyone give in to them instead of suffering the consequences of their own actions/choices. That used to be part of the learning process in becoming a responsible adult.

Shelly said...

I like that- and Harden Up is going to become a standard part of my voccabulary!

Sarah said...

Oh that's pathetic! It's always been 'first in best dressed' as far as event tickets are concerned. I thoroughly agree with Clipped Wings' comment.