Peeks into my blog posts

I was looking for past posts about a subject I will address later and realized that some of my posts have had lots of visits. Out of curiosity, I scrolled through all of my posts and found some very interesting stats.

I'm happy to say that my several posts about NZ trivia got a combined looksy of about 500.

The Hawera Push-Bike Pub Crawl got a lot of attention with about 640 clicks on two posts about it.

Not surprising, my posts about the 'are kiwis rude?' debate have garnered over 1000 views in total.

And my rants about the NZ school system have almost 400 combined views.

I posted what I thought was a great idea that I stole found on another blog but, apparently, the blog world didn't agree. It was called 'Pay it Forward' and required a small token to be sent to three who left comments--then you post on your blog for others to pay it forward, and so on, and so on.  I did my part but was quite disappointed that nobody took up my offer to pass it on. *sniffle*. Interestingly enough, that post got 558 views.

Floppy bakeware--you know, that kind in the store that you look at and go, 'Eww! That can't work!'--rated with almost 250 bloggers checking it out, but my post with a photo of an L&P bottle label got 281 peeks.

Maori potatoes (they are purple inside and outside and are quite good) got 386 clicks and the recipe for Hairy Hot Dogs got 220. Chewy Granola Bars was up there with 161 views.

The weirdest thing about checking my views and comments was that two posts had 5 and 7 comments, but no views registered and one had 11 comments with no views!!

I have given up trying to figure out how some bloggers get hundreds of comments on their posts. I suppose I'm not quite interested enough to pursue it because I blog for me and not for money or others. But I do appreciate the views I get. At least, I know I can be found out there in the big, bad world of blogs.


Sarah said...

I have given up trying to figure out how some bloggers get hundreds of comments on their posts.

Me too! I was having a conversation with my husband recently about what makes some people so popular. He didn't know the answer either.

One thing I do know though is that popular does not necessarily equal 'nice' or 'good'. Some of my favourite blogs that I like to read are not widely commented on, but I think they are great.

Claudia said...

I also find it fascinating seeing what my top viewed posts are. And which search terms people are landing on me with. I had one once "trying to figure stuff out"... I hope they found my posts helpful!

Marja said...

Very good I had the same experience with "a pay it forwards post" It didn't get paid forwards and unlike you it didn't get many visits either. My blog hardly got any visitors for years but I still love doing it