My name is Betty and I'm a cheapoholic

Yes, indeed, I am pathetic at spending money.  

This week, both of the grocery suppliers for chain stores had incredible deals on money off for gas petrol. If you spend $100, you get 15cents off a liter. If you spend $200, you get 25cents off. If you spend $300, you get 35cents off and if you spend $400, you get a whopping 50cents off a liter.

Not a gallon, a liter. That's almost $2 off per gallon.

We got our 50cents off, but we almost didn't. 

'Why?' you may ask. Well, because I've always been cheap and it's just a part of me to spend as little as possible on any given item.

See, I usually spend just over $400 every two weeks a fortnight on groceries, so it shouldn't have been a problem at all to get the maximum cents-off. But I decided to go to the local store and went shopping at 7pm (they close at 8), neither of which I usually do. To my dismay, they were more than a bit low on meat.

Not a worry. We can do this. So, in addition to the rest of my regular shopping, I have the thought in my head that I should pick up some 'extra' things to be sure I get to my quota of $400. 

I'm looking at everything as I slowly roll down the aisles even though there's not a lot of comparative shopping to be done and I am happily trying different pastas and some frozen meats that I usually don't buy. I'm taking my time and deciding of the family will like some new stuff. 

Then I catch myself. 

I am still looking for the lowest prices.

I start giggling to myself because my brain knows that I need to spend money but my penny-pinching heart won't let me do it without a fight. 

In the end, I just passed the $400 mark.

The cheapness is strong in this one.


Scrappy Grams said...

I don't call that cheap; I call it being thrifty. And with the seemingly world-wide economy, every time one can save helps the spender.

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

I do the same,as food is getting to be so expensive. Mike asks 'what's for dinner' I reply 'whatever is on sale' *grin*

Marja said...

You would fit in well with the dutch. You are doing pretty well with $200 a week. With the rising prices its getting tougher

charlotte's menagerie said...

Cheap, thrifty, wise!
I go to the reduced bin first then shop to make meals around that.

Gerald (SK14) said...

Yes I'm like that too - even though I know I can afford to spend more I still head towards the offers. Guess it's inbuilt.

KB said...

We did the same thing...our pantry is overflowing :)