springtime is flourishing...

It's definitely time for nesting around here. I hear sparrows chirping out the laundry room window every morning, and they fly out for bits of grass, so it's a fair guess that they have started a nest in the eaves or roof over the back porch.

Starlings have been collecting dry twigs and grass and then disappearing beneath the edges of the house and the garage shed. Along with the thumping of their feet and wings on the roof and in the ceiling, I'm rather sure they are making themselves at home at our home!

I had noticed the swallows (they are 'welcome swallows' for those keeping score) hovered in the back yard garden a lot and today I found out why. They were being watchful of predators before they darted into our wood room on the back of the garage shed. I'm not one for a lot of assumptions, but I think it's a pretty fair bet that the two I saw go in are starting a nest inside.

I can imagine the cacophony that will eventually come with all the little ones demanding to be fed! It should be interesting, to say the least! But then, I  suppose that's what we get for living in the only house within shouting distance of the dairy cows in the pastures that surround us.

It's all nice and natural, but there are two concerns I have. One is: what kind of mess will they make? The other thing is, I'm thinking about how I can get some pictures of the new arrivals!! We'll see what happens.

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