How to have a google+ profile without google+

I was visiting Karen over at Pixel Posts and found that you can have a google+ profile without having to give up the Blogger dashboard. It links the two profiles together but you don't have to use the google+ pages if you don't want to--which is good because google+ makes me crazy!

The link is over at Blogger Hints and Tips and you can click right here to find it. Yes, I was skeptical at first, too, but it really works. Thanks, Karen!

I have also found that the photo storage on Picasa has changed, too. To go back to the old style of albums after you have arrived at the new page, just type 'picasa web album' into the url space and hit 'enter'. Voile! You are back to the old style.

It would seem that I am having trouble with change in my....wiser age. Actually, I'm not really opposed to change. It just has to be more helpful than the old way for me to appreciate it and these two things don't seem to improve things in my world :)
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