oh, my head!

We had a HUGE tree/bush removed from the garden two summers ago and it left a round patch of dirt where grass didn't grow. I thought I'd used that patch as a flower garden since I couldn't see us reseeding it with grass. 

Now, in my organized head, nothing had grown there for years, so I expected that only what I planted there would grow and I'd have wonderful colors all spring and summer. That worked out pretty much like I though last summer and I was happy with my first-ever starting-from-scratch flower garden.

I mentally made note of the first seeds I put out. Some grew well, some didn't. That's ok, You live and learn. All autumn and winter, I gathered up seeds and plans to make it a better garden this year. 

Imagine my surprise and confusion when, on the first warmish spring day, I found stuff that I hadn't planted growing up ALL OVER my garden!!

There's a LOT of this stuff that reminds me of parsley. Now that I think about it, it might just be cow parsley, but we will have to wait and see.

And there's this one that could be parsley's cousin.

I truly don't remember planting anything this close to the lupins!

And this large-leaf plant has popped up in several places.

When I saw 5 or 6 of these little guys that look just like the leaves on a penstemon we moved from another part of the yard to the garden, it finally dawned on me that many of these green things could have been a garden from years gone by!! (Sometimes, it takes me a while, but I eventually get there.)

So, the plan for this year is to let things go until they bloom and only pull what I know are not wanted.
It ought to be an interesting year for the garden.
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