Mystery solved, maybe

...maybe. Back in April, I posted a photo of some seedpods that I found under the flowering cherry trees in the front garden. 
Since we rent our house and it has been here quite a while, the possibilities were endless as far as I was concerned. 
There didn't seem to be any flowers from bulbs nearby and they weren't recognized by anyone that I asked. I was advised to plant them and see what comes up--which I did, but nothing yet.

Today when I was digging up my anemone bulbs because they weren't happy this year, I noticed that they have the same sort of net-looking cover on them!!
The bulbs definitely didn't have the coverings on the when I planted them, so I was very pleasantly surprised when I saw them.
They may not be the same, but I am happy to learn about the anemones and maybe I am a step closer to finding out.

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