I finally gave in....

As some of you know, our winter here in NZ has been  anything but cold. There have been very few days that we needed the fireplace going during daylight hours to keep warm.

Now, I have to admit that I am a rules sort of person. Probably more than most. And the 'rule of thumb' is that we don't plant seeds and bulbs until after Labour Day, which is the fourth Monday in October.  That's also about the time that camellias are usually in full bloom.

Well, this year has been so mild that camellias and rhododendrons are blooming everywhere now.  Gardens close to the ocean already have trees full of blooms and fields full of daffodils!

Seeing that other gardeners have planted bulbs already, Hubby convinced me that the worse that could happen would be that they get frosted and don't come up until next year, so, today, I put out all my dahlia bulbs and I feel like such a cheater!

I also planted about half the seeds I have had in the cabinet just waiting for spring so we will just wait and see if my impatience paid off!
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