A blast from the past

Since I have a few more followers now, I thought I'd repeat a post from '09 that still holds true--mostly.

I was thinking the other day about things that I never  would  have done if I hadn't moved to a whole new life on the other side of the globe.  As I wrote them down, Hubby reminded me of more.

I'm sure it will lengthen as time goes by, but for now, here's the list of things I never thought I would do:
  • pull weeds
  • worry about balanced meals
  • buy brown eggs at the store
  • snuggle on the sofa (I didn't own one in KS)
  • be chased by waves
  • watch the Simpsons
  • dust
  • recycle
  • hang clothes out to dry
  • consider myself responsible for wild ducks
  • grow my own tomatoes
  • see dolphins swim alongside a boat
  • take a zillion pictures
  • grow flowers in an old work boot
  • do the 'titanic' pose on a ferry boat
  • do the 'titanic' pose on a charter boat after my wedding vows
  • hike through woods to see a waterfall
  • stand on the beach at midnight
  • wonder if flowers need moving for more sunlight
  • check homework
  • look 200 feet straight down while standing on a window 
  • compost
  • turn a plot of grass into a flower bed
  • watch BBC programs
  • search for John Deere tractors
  • buy furnishings from the internet
  • see sea anemones up close
  • read the back of a seed package
  • text proficiently
  • sit in a tennis-court size hot pool
  • chase trains
  • kick a soccer ball around
  • hear about--much less actually see--glowworms in a cave
  • ride a train for pleasure
  • learn some English history
  • buy Swan plants to attract caterpillars
  • drink instant coffee on a regular basis
  • have a pet cat
  • call the bush beside the pond 'George'
Looking back over this list, it seems I was saved from a life of boredom.


diane b said...

That is great list and I hope you add more in the future. A great way to live.

Hetty said...

What would I write on a list like that.... I am thinking about it. Groetjes Hetty

Janneke said...

That's a long and wonderful list, you see you never know how life turns out, I suppose you feel happy!

Gosia said...

your list is really interesting

Pauline said...

That's a great list. No Pukeko? Pukekos and moreporks would feature on my list. :)

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Wow - interesting for sure. I think we should all ponder the places life has taken us and the things we never expected to do - thanks for the entertaining post - and go out and do something new. LOL

Linda P said...

A long and interesting list. I also ponder on the way life has turned out for me; a major choice made early on that has taken me to a country where I've enjoyed a different culture that has been passed on to the next generations of children and grandchildren. I'm still enjoying new experiences in my retirement in another region of the UK and I'm sure you'll continue to get involved in new activities and interests yourself.

Nancy Chan said...

What an interesting life you are living now! May your list grows longer. My list is also growing longer.

Esme said...

This is great-where did you come from. I would never think I would shop for a JD tractor either. Where did you live where you did not need to dust?

Magdalena said...

What a lovely idea. You have an interesting life and you certainly know that simple things make our life interesting.

Anita Johnson said...

Excellent list! Some made me smile....others made me ponder if I do them. Sadly...I need to dust.