Where did it go????

Over the years, I've had a few 'favorite' things disappear from the store shelves. Most were just a favorite flavor or scent here and there, but I always took it personally :) even though there wasn't much I could do about it.

A few weeks ago, I sent Hubby to the store for my favorite spot remover that I use for his work clothes and the occasional coffee drip or food spot. He went to our favorite store, Countdown.
bring back vanish direct

I love using this stuff because it got every little stain out of every kind of fabric. And the best part is that I can rub the stuff all over the stains and not have to wash it for up to seven days. That works great for me since there are only the two of us and laundry is two loads a week, at the most.

Well, he came home with something different because my 'usual' wasn't on the shelf. Same company, but different product. I was wary, but I used it.  It didn't work. At all. Not on the pen marks where hubby put his pen back in pocket a hundred times a day. Not on the coffee stain on my shirt. NOTHING! UGH!

So, the next weekend, we went looking at New World, the other major chain that usually carries it. Again, nothing. Just the replacement stuff that didn't work.

I decided to write an email to both stores to tell them to put it back but before I got started, I thought I'd send them a photo of what I was talking about so there would be no question about the subject.

Well, lo and behold, all I could find was this:
bring back vanish direct

Unavailable in your area. Noooooo!!!! 
OK, now it's personal.

What to do? What to do? Hubby to the rescue! There's a chain of small grocery stores that have a store in most of the small towns in Taranaki that would never support one of the larger stores. According to their website, there are sixteen of them in Taranaki and Hubby started stopping at the ones he encountered in the northern part of the district on his truck-driving job and brought home one, three, one...five! I was ecstatic!

So, we spent Mother's Day driving to the stores in the south of Taranaki and scored six at one store and one or two at some others! The cashiers looked at us funny and we explained it to a couple of them but I now have a collection that will last me quite a while. I do hope I can eventually find a suitable replacement before it runs out!

Just for the record, the company that makes Vanish products has been advertising quite aggressively with their 'stain removing' technique of using their power to make a paste and rub gently. I'm sure that works just fine for those that have one grass stain a week. I have 5 sets of work clothes to get clean every week and can't imagine how much 'paste' I'd have to make to cover man-size shirts and pants. And with a product that is easy to use, why would I want to make more work for myself?

I did email the company but haven't heard back. But I did find this review from last year: Click here to read how it earned a Shonky Award!


Mersad said...

I will have to do some cleaning of my white sofa as well, and will probably use vanish as well.

Mersad Donko Photography

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Seems the "new and improved", never is. As they say -if it ain't broke - don't fix it. I hate it when I lose a product that works perfectly only to find it replaced with something far inferior - what in the world is the company thinking? They certainly won't get more business this way.

Hetty said...

Your life is a challange!! Thanks for the tip. I can buy this product in the netherlands also. I will try it too. Groetjes Hetty

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

bummer! I hate when stuff like that happens!

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

Hi Bettyl,

Thanks for visiting my post. I have diversify to Facebook and writing books. Have you been back to USA?

Have a good day,


Betsy Adams said...

Seems like every time I find something I love and use constantly---the company decides to stop making it... Grrrrrrrr.... They usually (like Vanish did) replace it with something else which is supposed to be better but is NOT as good....

Have you tried looking online for it? I buy a lot of stuff through Amazon --or even EBay....

Good Luck... Glad you did find some bottles at other stores.


Elizabeth at Eiffel Tells said...

I admire your efforts, but unfortunately big companies usually don't care about the voice of the average consumer. The Eco range (a fantastic eco friendly NZ company) have a stain remover that I've used successfully. Have you tried methylated spirits which is an organic solvent? (Please don't hold me accountable for this because it depends on the fabric and stain). Good luck with your quest. Elizabeth

Anita Johnson said...

I'm laughing and understanding all at the same time. I don't use many products, but the ones I do I like...always sad to see them go. I guess I am like that with a few generic items. Hmmm. I do like Mickey, the kitty!

Pauline W said...

I sympathize. And laugh at the same time at your mission to buy up existing stocks of a favourite item. Mind you, I better not laugh too loud because that is the product I've become fond of, too and will not be happy when I have to buy an inferior product. The buggers who sell the stuff don't care, do they?

Pat Tillett said...

Oh yes! I hate it when that happens. At least this ended well, with you finding a supply.

Jeanne said...

Glad you found some that will last at least a while!! Have had similar things happen to me.. Frustrating

diane b said...

Thats so annoying when you can't get a favourite product any more. The same has happened to me with sneaker cleaner. None of the local shops stock it any more. So contacted the manufacturer and they guided me to a shopping centre miles away.

Jodiebodie said...

I don't know whether it is available in NZ but in Australia I find Sard Wonderstick a great primer for stains that you can put on the stain and leave it in the laundry hamper for up to 7 days before washing. Hasn't failed me yet. I've never used Vanish. Have only seen an aggresive add campaign but haven't heard any good reviews or recommendations. I agree with earlier comments - if it ain't broke,... I share your frustration with a local supermarket that discontinues great lines regularly. Good luck with finding a replacement product.

Prunella Pepperpot said...

This post did make me laugh.
I know your frustration when your favourite product is removed from the shelf. The older we get the more often this seems to happen. And then if in a few years I see it back on the shelf I come away with a few only to find it's not quite the same and I have to reluctantly use all that I have purchased!
Have a brilliant week :)

The Yum List said...

I've not yet found a fantastic stain remover over here. I'm going to check to see if stores here have Varnish!

Julie said...

I use Sard Wonder soap for spots and stains. It comes in a bar and is found in the laundry aisle in most NZ supermarkets.