A wild night

No, it wasn't a partying night, it was a winter storm with horrendous rain and winds that blew rain three feet through the cat flap even with the back door not lined up with the porch doorway!

Yesterday from early afternoon, our house had no lights and only had power in the one lounge outlet and all the kitchen outlets--for which I was wonderfully grateful with so many in the area having no power at all, as you can see by the map below. (We live slightly below 'New Plymouth').

Cooking by night-light, was a new experience :) but I was glad that I could do that because I didn't want us going out for take-outs in the awful weather.

The lounge outlet was a blessing to have. It kept the TV going and could be used for charging phones and laptops, if needed. When it was bedtime, Hubby ran a power cord from the lounge to our bedroom for heat and clocks.

When I woke up about 5AM, I tried some light switches and some of the lights came on a bit dimly, so it seemed that things were getting back to normal although it wasn't all fixed at that time. Later when I did get up things were a lot better, although not quite totally to normal, yet.

Through it all, I was very grateful for a fireplace with plenty of wood to burn along with the layers of clothes and socks!

I want to say a big 'Thank you!' to all those that worked so hard overnight and are still working in the wind and rain to get power back on across the country. Be safe out there.


Hetty said...

Well what a night! Seems like camping in your own house! Hopefully everything is ok now. Groetjes from sunny and calm Holland. Hetty

Michelle said...

Glad that you made it through okay!

Pat Tillett said...

It sounds like a wild night! Having no power at all makes us feel kind of powerless.
I'm happy to say that we never have that kind of weather where I live.
I hope everything is back to normal for you all now.

diane b said...

Sounds scary. Glad that you didn't have to go out in it and you still had some power.

aspiritofsimplicity said...

I kind of like storms like that. We live on the Ocean and I love to hear the wind and the waves roaring outside. It's kind of fun when the lights go out and we are forced to find comfort and company with one another. All that being said I'm glad that you were all safe and the power is back up and running. Even I only think it's fun for a short time.