A different kind of visitor

Over the 5 years we have rented this house, I can count the number of visitors on one hand. It's OK, I like it that way.  I don't have to put on a bra unless I'm going out somewhere :)

Well, yesterday, I got up earlier than usual and put on a bra so I could let in a visitor who came bearing gifts. Lots of rolls of insulation! 

A while back, NZ passed a law that all rental houses have to have insulation in the roof and under the floor by the end of 2019. For those of us that had absolutely zero insulation anywhere in the house, it will be a big change. We are quite chuffed about it to see how warm the house will stay next winter.

It didn't take the guy very long to put in the insulation. His biggest problem was getting it through the attic access, which was quite small. He ended up having to take off the frame around it and cutting the rolls of insulation in half, but he got it done. 

And it was all finished in time for me to take off my bra and take a nap. Life is good.


Hetty said...

Zero insulation? That is a quite different to where I live. Everyone is trying to keep the heat inside or outside in case of summer. You will have a lot of benefits of this project. Poor boy who had to do the job. Cutting it in half, jak! Groetjes Hetty

Amy said...

When we lived in Mount Maunganui there were a couple of guys who came around to check the insulation in our apartment, it passed with flying colours however I have lived in an uninsulated house and it was darned cold so here's hoping your house is more cosy afterwards.

Yvonne said...

Love this post!

Rumpelkammer said...

mein BH liegt auf dem Sessel