Blogger sucks

I am not happy with Blogger at the moment.

I am signed into all my accounts, but Blogger doesn't 
recognize my account for comments.

Please know that I have read your posts and tried to comment.
I do hope this is cleared up soon.

**EDIT **
I have downloaded firefox and I can comment through that browser,
so there will be comments! YAY! 

But, Blogger still sucks.


gz said...

They do have their "wobbly" moments...but are still the easiest to use. Far better than word press! You're not the only one at the moment, so it isn't anything personal. Lets hope it gets sorted soon.

Michelle said...

Sorry to hear you are having trouble!

Amy said...

I've had no problems lately with it, I did get your comment on my Wednesday post though.

Hetty said...

I have the same problem, it is very frustrating

diane b said...

That is so annoying. It happened to me some time back but it was because I had upgraded my operating system and I had to ring Apple to get it fixed. I had to go into settings and off click ''don't allow tracking"