Marco history

This lovely mural on the new public toilets is located along the
Forgotten World Highway. 
When I googled the school for more information, I ended up shaking my head. 
Here's what Wikipedia says about the town of Marco:

...The settlement is named from Marco Road, which runs a short distance to the northwest. The road was named after a dog owned by the district surveyor, Mr Sladden.
Marco was killed in the middle of the road line by a 
huge boar while he and his master were pig hunting.

The toilet is at the entrance to a short walkway to a single grave, that of Josh Morgan. When you get to the grave, it seems to be deep in the bush, 
but you can see it from the road.

from the road


Christa J. said...

Very interesting information concerning this road and why it was called Marco Road.
I like such paintings very much. :-)

Little Wandering Wren said...

That's what you call an unfortunate ending! Looks a peaceful spot though.
Wren x

Natalia said...

Very intetesting place, the murals are so pretty☺

Evi Erlinda said...

Poor Marco. He deserved it!

Marja said...

What a lovely painted toilet block We went over that road after we met you but haven't spot this one. The road was interesting though We especially loved the gravel road part through the bush

kiwikid said...

Great toilet block!! Godh 35 is so young to die.

kiwikid said...

Sorry that should have been gosh!

Amy said...

hmm this Josh person sounds like he is worth finding out about.

Anni said...

I enjoy unusual tidbits like this you shared.

Dog...toiket...tree. There has to be a connection