through the haze

Smoke from the fires in Australia has reached Taranaki.
Even with not a cloud in the sky, the mountain was hazy.

The farther away we got, the less we could see the mountain.

The sun was red when we got home about 5 pm. These photos 
don't do justice.

Please keep the fire fighters and residents in your prayers.


Mikael Bergman said...

it's a frightening big fire going on
may hope for a lot of rain

gz said...

We can see this and smell it in Whanganui .

Michelle said...

Many prayers for all involved.

Tanza Erlambang said...

prayers for Australia....
hope, it will be better soon...

kiwikid said...

The smoke affects more than the locals. Hopefully rain comes soon and they are all under control.

Jodiebodie said...

Thank you for sharing the view from New Zealand. I see the weather photos and feel for you in NZ.

It was hazy in Adelaide, South Australia too. I know what you mean about photos not doing it justice. Our sunsets have looked eerie and ominous with the sun appearing as a big, deep red moon when still high in the afternoon sky. There are fires in five states and we haven't really got into the height of summer yet (that's February). Today's forecast in my area is 42 degrees C.

This isn't the first time that smoke from one country has affected another. Indonesia produced a lot of smoke from clearing native forests (for palm plantations etc.) - so much for valuing diminishing wildlife habitats) - and that also crossed into neighbouring countries. Even we were affected by it down south when weather systems carry it down.

I'm sorry that you and your fellow New Zealanders are suffering the effects of our dramas in Australia.

Lee@A Guide to Northeastern Gardening said...

Praying for Australia and that rains will come soon. It is heartbreaking watching what is going on in the news. I am sorry you are experiencing the effects as well.

eileeninmd said...


Thanks for sharing the views, I am praying for Australia. I hope they have some much needed rain. Happy Monday, wishing you a great day and a happy new week!

Nathalie SANTA MARIA said...

These fires are a great human and ecological disaster for the whole world. All the dead animals... It's unreal!
My family lives in Melbourne and Woombah in NSW, luckily they have nothing.
I see the fumes coming into your house, it's terrible. Your country is wonderful.
Protect yourself.
Thank you for your visit.

Teresa said...

Se ve muy bonito. Saludos.