Paparangi where?

Hubby and I went for a ride over our long weekend (Queen's Birthday, which is actually in April) down to Whanganui and then an adventure of backroads, our favorite kind. We took Kaurapaoa Road to the boonies back of beyond and drove a few hours through tree farms in various stages. There were a few sheep and beef farms along the way, but not much else along the mostly-dirt road through the hillsides.

We took this photo of Mt Taranaki across the pine trees that will eventually be harvested for paper. FYI, pine trees grow seven times faster here in NZ than any where else, but the quality is less than perfect.

When I got home, I was anxious to see where exactly it was taken, so I went to my favorite locator page Whereisthepicture.com and it said Paparangi.

 There is no information about this area that I could find,  Wikipedia's map showed it was in the Manawatu-Whanganui area (where we drove), but my small argument with Wikipedia that it was a different 'Paparangi' than the one outside of Wellington was rejected--because there were no links to verify its location!  So I guess it's just a designation for the lumber company.

Anyway, if you want to see where we went on google maps, put in Kaurapaoa Road (not Brunswick) and follow along on satellite view.  We followed Rangitatau E Road back to civilization. 


kiwikid said...

That is a beautiful, ethereal photo Betty, just love it.

kiwimeskreations said...

What a stunning photo - I love the dirt roads like that, but hubby never did, and as he did most of the driving....
Have you ever taken the coast road from Awakino to Marakopa? That is amazing, and is one such road that we did travel when we lived over that way.
Stay safe

gz said...

A beautiful shot of Taranaki.

Rose said...

What a view!

Rose said...

Oh, wow, you were in some wild looking country...at least from the satellite view. At least country. I wish I could have went to street view. But maybe it is good I couldn't because I might spend too much time there.

This N That said...

Beautiful view..Thanks for sharing..