Is New Zealand too clean?

 One of the first thing you will notice when you visit New Zealand is how clean it is. There is rarely any trash seen on the side of the road and the grass along the roads is usually cut and neatly trimmed.

Today I drove into Stratford to give blood. A couple of kilometers outside of town, there was a fire engine blocking the road and  we were waved down a side road as a detour. I mentioned it to the nurse preparing my arm and she said, 'Yeah, we heard the fire trucks and figured it was a pretty bad accident.'  It seems she was right and it was a pretty serious crash with three people taken to the hospital, one being taken by helicopter to New Plymouth.

On my way home about an hour or so later, there was absolutely no indication that an accident had even happened. 

Most of the time, I appreciate the fact that the roads are kept clean but sometimes I think they should wait a day or two to clean up debris and marks left by car accidents, just as a reminder.


Yvonne said...

I absolutely love your rose photo at the top. Personally, I like nature to always look like nature, and the accidents cleaned up as soon as possible. Reminders are so soon forgotten.

kiwikid said...

That is a very quick clean up, often here there is accident evidence for hours.

local alien said...

Get rid of the accident evidence and put up some more of those white crosses.
Personally I love clean roadsides. Bravo NZ

diane b said...

I think it is great that NZ is so clean. Oz is not too bad either compared to European and American cities.